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Delaware Rep. Gerald Brady says he won’t run for re-election after using anti-Asian slur in email

anti asian

State Rep. Gerald Brady (D-DE) said he is not running for re-election next year after someone sent his private email containing an anti-Asian slur to the media last week.

The details: In his statement on Monday, Brady explains his recent actions make it difficult to provide the kind of representation all residents of the 4th District expect and deserve, according to WHYY.

Paralympian Scout Bassett opens up about her life, anti-Asian discrimination

Paralympian Scout Bassett recently opened up during an interview about her life growing up in the U.S., her training for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and her thoughts on the rise of anti-Asian hate in the country. 

Left out: Bassett, 32, was born in Nanjing, China, and spent most of her childhood years in an orphanage, where she endured years of abuse, starvation and forced child labor, the athlete recalled in an interview with Self Magazine.