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Possible oldest prehistoric art ever known is discovered by Chinese scientists in the ‘roof of the world’

Chinese scientists discover worlds oldest art

Dr. David Zhang and his team of scientists’ discovery of handprints and footprints are being debated over as to whether they are the world’s oldest prehistoric art.  

Fossils on the travertine rock: Dr. David Zhang, a scientist from Guangdong, China, found impressions of handprints and footprints on a travertine rock with his research team in Quesang on the Tibetan Plateau in Oct. 2018, reported Time.

Father in China begs police to arrest him because his daughter couldn’t solve a math problem

Chinese father freaks

A Chinese father publicly broke down in the middle of a road because his child could not solve a mathematics equation.

The breakdown: A resident of Kunshan in Jiangsu eastern China laid down in the middle of a road as he begged police to detain him because his daughter failed to solve a simple math problem, reported South China Morning Post

The first Asian American settlement in the US is being washed away by climate change

St. Malo being destroyed

The Filipino American community are striving to preserve their history as the first permanent Filipino settlement in the U.S. is being washed away by climate change. 

Vanishing history: Due to the climate crisis, St. Malo, a former village along the shore of Lake Borgne in St. Bernard Parish, La., was battered from the sea-level rise of frequent hurricanes and erosion, reported CNN

Vietnamese filmmakers create visually stunning short about AAPI hate being as old as American history

film about AAPI

Vietnamese filmmakers Sally Tran and Phuong Vo have created a short film about the history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S. 

What it’s about: The short film, entitled Centuries and Still,” unveils the “search for justice [that] goes back to the Gold Rush era fetishization of Asian women, to today’s hate crimes targeting Asian elders.”

Local Pakistanis attack Chinese tile company workers for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

Pakistan locals attack

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, local residents physically attacked employees of a Chinese tile manufacturing company for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. 

 What happened: In a viral video released by Zee News on Oct. 13, local Pakistanis are seen storming the premises of Time Ceramics Limited and attacking the company’s workers for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.