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China’s ‘Internet Queen’ Sparks Outrage After Giving Baby Her Husband’s Last Name

Papi Jiang

A woman dubbed as one of China’s “Internet Queens” has come under fire after letting her newborn follow her husband’s surname — a practice that has endured for thousands of years but is now being challenged by some in the country.

The criticism against Jiang Yilei, better known as Papi Jiang, reportedly comes from a number of “feminist warriors” who, according to one author, have a tendency to impose “extreme views” of gender equality on others.

Japan May Make It Illegal to Spank Kids When Disciplining Them

shinzo abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet members have recently submitted a bill that makes it illegal for parents to hit their children when disciplining them, as the number of child abuse cases in the country rises. 

According to NHK News, the bill was submitted by the Cabinet of Japan, which consists of many high-ranking ministers including the Japanese prime minister himself, on March 19. If passed, the bill would make it illegal for parents to enact corporal punishments on their children, which includes spanking children in broader interpretations.

Asians Reveal The Most Rebellious Secrets They Never Told Their Parents

asian parents

When it comes to strict parenting, Asian parents are probably at the top of the list. While they’re telling us not to go to any parties, drink and get any tattoos or body piercings, all they’re really doing is raising a whole generation of extremely sneaky children.

We asked Asians to reveal some of their biggest secrets or acts of rebellion they’ve never told their parents about. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s Father Ac‌cu‌sed of Inapp‌ropr‌iate Nu‌dity‌, Ab‌u‌se and Child Neglect in Court Documents

Infamous child star Lil Tay is back in the spotlight after recent all‌egat‌ion‌s of child ab‌us‌e against her father surfaced.

NextShark exclusively obtained the official statements that reveal details of this alleged a‌bu‌se which involves inapp‌ro‌pri‌ate n‌ud‌ity, locking the child in a dark closet, forcing Lil Tay to watch grue‌som‌e horr‌or‌ movies and n‌eglect‌ing to feed her. We have confirmed that the email we received, along with the official court orders, affidavits, and other documents regarding the detailed accounts of this a‌bu‌s‌e have come directly from Lil Tay’s family and official management team.

New PC Game Challenges Players to Survive Being Raised By ‘Chinese Parents’

While most video games allow gamers to experience what it’s like to survive an alien invasion or a military battleground, a new indie game is set to test one’s ability to survive Asian-style parenting.

Created by a pair of developers from China called Octopus Play, the game titled “Chinese Parents” puts gamers in the role of a Chinese boy trying to fulfill his parents’ expectations while growing up.