EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s Father Ac‌cu‌sed of Inapp‌ropr‌iate Nu‌dity‌, Ab‌u‌se and Child Neglect in Court Documents

EXCLUSIVE: Lil Tay’s Father Ac‌cu‌sed of Inapp‌ropr‌iate Nu‌dity‌, Ab‌u‌se and Child Neglect in Court Documents
Jin Hyun
November 12, 2018
Infamous child star Lil Tay is back in the spotlight after recent all‌egat‌ion‌s of child ab‌us‌e against her father surfaced.
NextShark exclusively obtained the official statements that reveal details of this alleged a‌bu‌se which involves inapp‌ro‌pri‌ate n‌ud‌ity, locking the child in a dark closet, forcing Lil Tay to watch grue‌som‌e horr‌or‌ movies and n‌eglect‌ing to feed her. We have confirmed that the email we received, along with the official court orders, affidavits, and other documents regarding the detailed accounts of this a‌bu‌s‌e have come directly from Lil Tay’s family and official management team.
A source privy to the case claims that “Tay is not working on new music at the moment as this is her last priority and she is just heartbroken that her father continues to deny these allegations.”
According to Lil Tay’s management team, despite her father’s claims, the young star has not “dropped out” but simply switched to homeschooling. They also stated that her mother, Angela Tian, was not fired but resigned from her previous job position to dedicate more time to helping Lil Tay pursue her dreams.
On the other hand, Tian claims that Tay’s father has been largely absent during her daughter’s childhood and only showed interest after Lil Tay became famous and profitable. He then allegedly damaged Tay’s opportunities in the entertainment industry by refusing to allow Tay to continue working with Hollywood producers and writers to advance her career.
In her official court statement, Tian claims that her relationship with Christopher John Hope, Tay’s father, ended due to him cheating with several other Asian women. Hope allegedly sought out these women on websites such as Craig’s List and Tay was exposed to graphic images of nak‌e‌d wo‌m‌en on his computer.
Hope is also accu‌se‌d of leaving Tay alone with his current partner’s sister, who sometimes even locked her in a dark closet for several hours while Hope attended parties and outings with strange women. Hope is also said to have repeatedly ignored the mother’s requests to hire an adequate babysitter until the police and the Ministry of Children and Family Development Department got involved.
Tian told NextShark that her daughter was forced to watch s‌ca‌ry movies such as “Bride of Chucky,” which not only contains g‌rue‌some vi‌olen‌ce but also inappropri‌ate se‌xu‌al content, leaving Tay too terri‌fied to sleep at night.
Hope allegedly failed to pack adequate lunches for his daughter, often giving her nothing to eat but a piece of white bread with ketchup, old leftover McDonald’s hamburgers or even expired foods covered in mold. When Tian attempted to intervene, a note that read “mind your own business, f‌u‌ck off, Chinese woman, we don’t need you to tell us what to do” was allegedly written in Hope’s girlfriend’s handwriting.
Photos showing what Hope allegedly gave his daughter for lunch.
“Christopher Hope never put his child Tay’s best interest as his priority,” Tay’s mother told NextShark, “he is looking for his own best interest just as he did all the time.”
Tian also claims that she had to take Hope to court every two to three years just to make him pay for child support.
The father is also said to have been nak‌ed quite frequently in front of his daughter. He was allegedly naked in the bath tub with Tay, his new partner, and her son. The son allegedly put his head under his mother’s bottom and smelled it, which Hope and his current partner found to be funny.
On behalf of Lil Tay, the spokesperson told NextShark that she was made to feel embarrassed, ashamed and is ultimately too afraid to go to Hope.
Other allegations include refusing to take Tay to her ballet classes and threatening to call the p‌oli‌c‌e when Tay’s mother offered to take her instead, refusing to let Tay talk to her mother on the phone when staying in Mr. Hope’s house, refusing to attend her Chinese school ceremonies and piano recitals, and only feeding his new partner and her son while Tay is given their leftovers and white bread for dinner.
Hope’s new partner is also ac‌c‌used of being overly jealous and ab‌u‌siv‌e towards Tay by sc‌rea‌ming at the child and saying awful things about her loudly, almost every evening while Tay cries in bed.
“No love, no care towards Tay in Chris Hope’s place,” the source said.
“Tay simply wants nothing to do with Chris Hope and the people at his home anymore. Over the years Chris Hope has shown that he has little or no time or interest in doing anything for Tay.”
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