Chinese Girl Trying to Say ‘Cat’ in English is Too Adorable For This World

Chinese Girl Trying to Say ‘Cat’ in English is Too Adorable For This World
Ryan General
April 26, 2018
A family moment featuring an adorable little girl impressing her parents with her English translation skills is making the rounds on Chinese social media.
In the short clip, a mom and dad are giving their little daughter a short English vocabulary test at a restaurant when she gives them an unexpected response to one of the questions.
The parents gave out Chinese words, which the child eagerly translated into English; she was able to answer almost every question related to fruits and animals.
When asked about the fruits’ names such as apple, banana, and pear, she easily translated them.
Moving on to animals, her mother asked, “How do you say ‘gou’ (dog)?”
“Dog,” the girl replied confidently.
But when the mom asked the child to translate “cat,” she gave a surprising response that sent the parents roaring with laughter.
“How do you say ‘mao’ (cat)?” the mother asked.
Without skipping a beat, the toddler replied with, “Meow!”

How to say “cat” in English? See how the little girl did! (Source: miaopai)

— China Daily (@ChinaDailyUSA) April 23, 2018

Realizing her mistake, the girl covered her face in laughter and embarrassment.
The footage, which was uploaded and shared on various social media platforms, has racked up more than 87 million views, according to MailOnline.
Netizens were instantly enamored with the little girl and her minor translation blunder.
“She is just so adorable! Watching the clip definitely makes my day,” one commenter wrote.
Feature image via Twitter / ChinaDailyUSA
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