Japanese Mom Finds the Most Genius Way To Stop Her Kid From Playing Video Games

Japanese Mom Finds the Most Genius Way To Stop Her Kid From Playing Video Games

February 16, 2018

After having had enough of her son spending hours on video games, one Japanese mom decided to a use unique form of “parental control” on him.  

While most current video consoles are already equipped with parental lock controls, tech-savvy kids have been able to do a workaround and still use them.

However, Twitter user @sasamipicata had the shock of his life when he found that his mom had resorted to using the one lock he couldn’t bypass: an actual padlock.

To prevent him from plugging the console to a socket, sasamipicata’s mom had actually locked the prongs of his console’s AC adaptor using the lock’s loop.

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According to Soranews24, the poor boy could only express his frustration via a tweet with a photo of the lock.

“Speaking as a kid, I’d like to say to parents in Japan with kids who play games for a long time that this is going too far.” 

As sasamipicata is also fond of mobile games, his mom also made sure his access to his iPhone was also cut off.

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His tweets have since been retweeted thousands of times, earning some sympathy from other Twitter users.

“Having the cord right there, but not being able to do anything with it…that’s like emotional abuse,” one Twitter user said.

Some expressed worry that their own parents might also adopt his mom’s cold but ingenious tactics:

“I’m gonna have to keep an eye on my mom from now on,” one Twitter user said.

“Think I’m gonna go out and buy a spare cord, just in case,” another one commented.

“You could always go to the hardware store and get some bolt cutters,” suggested another. 

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