Britney Spear’s Kids Love Drawing Anime Characters For Fun

Britney Spear’s Kids Love Drawing Anime Characters For Fun
Kyle Encina
November 3, 2017
Britney Spears shared some cool anime-inspired sketches drawn by her children with the internet, but was met with some mixed feedback from netizens.
One of the 35-year-old pop icon’s children drew Goku from “Dragon Ball” turning into his Super Saiyan form, while another depicted Rem from the Japanese fantasy novel “Re:Zero”.
It’s no surprise that Spears’ children are into Japanese anime since the pop diva frequently posts images of her young ones wearing anime-inspired getup and attending themed parties.
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Spears has two sons — 11-year-old Sean or 10-year-old Jayden — with ex-husband Kevin Federline, who has three daughters of his own — 14-year-old Kori, 5-year-old Jordan and 3-year-old Peyton — but it’s unclear which of them drew the anime sketches.
While the drawings themselves appear to have some good visual detail, some Twitter users were quick to disregard the efforts behind them.
Some social media users accused Spears’ children of copying someone else’s work by saying, “I bet these are traced.”
According to SoraNews24, some anime purists don’t condone tracing and they’re not willing to tolerate copied work even if it’s done by children.
However, there are still people who defended Spears’ children, with one netizen saying, “Who cares if they’re traced? It’s not like they’re selling the art for commercial purposes.”
“These people complaining about it being traced are just jealous they can’t draw like that,” another Twitter user added.
Of course, the award-winning artist isn’t the only one who’s proud of the anime-inspired sketches since a number of netizens have the same sentiments.
Netizens showered the youngsters with praise, telling them “These are great!”, “I could never draw like that when I was a kid,” and “Maybe they can be animators in the future?” among others.
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