Man Sells Newborn Daughter for $5,740 Because He Only Wants a Son

Man Sells Newborn Daughter for $5,740 Because He Only Wants a Son
Carl Samson
October 30, 2018
A Chinese man desperate to have a son is now behind bars after selling his second daughter for 40,000 yuan ($5,740).
The man, identified as “Xiaohui,” sold his 10-day-old daughter to a couple in Hubei, over 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) away from their Zhejiang home in September.
News of the missing baby reached p‌‌‌o‌l‌i‌‌c‌‌e after Xiaohui’s mother, Li, failed to meet her second granddaughter multiple times.
According to Li, Xiaohui would not let her in the house whenever she visited, forcing her to leave meals she prepared at their doorstep.
Li speaks to police. Image via Yiwu Police
Li decided to report her son to the au‌‌tho‌ri‌ti‌es earlier this month after confirming that her granddaughter was not at home.
After being arrested, Xiaohui, who is unemployed, confessed that he sold his daughter because he wanted a son for a second child.
Xiaohui is detained by police. Image via Yiwu Police
Po‌lic‌e‌ located the buyers, surnamed Zhang and Xu, on Oct. 15. They were also de‌tai‌n‌ed.
The married couple, who failed to have a child 10 years into their marriage, admitted to buying the baby online.
Li rescues her granddaughter. Image via Dahe Daily
The baby has since been returned to their home in Zhejiang province, according to Yiwu Po‌li‌e.
Weibo users weighed in on the story:
“This grandmother is a pro!”
“This father is a beast, I wish he had no child at all.”
“This woman must regret having him for a son.”
“Is he even human?”
“Now this is a mother!”
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