Lil Tay’s Mom Used Her Boss’ Mercedes Without His Permission to Film Daughter

Lil Tay’s Mom Used Her Boss’ Mercedes Without His Permission to Film Daughter
Carl Samson
May 16, 2018
Lil Tay might be throwing dollar bills on Instagram at this moment, but reports suggest things are not going well behind the scenes — especially for her mom.
Last week, Angela Tian — the 9-year-old’s alleged mother and orchestrator behind her persona — was reportedly fired from her job as a real estate agent after her daughter’s videos reached her company, Pacific Evergreen Realty.
But in an update to Daily Hive, Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, clarified that Tian actually resigned before her boss, David Yang, “had a chance to let her go.”
Lil Tay, who claims to be filming in Beverly Hills, was revealed to be based in Vancouver. Several netizens discovered that one of her videos was shot in an apartment in the city listed for sale — and likely one that her mom was trying to sell.
However, Yang wanted to fire Tian because she used his Mercedes 500 SL without due permission.
In an interview with Global News, Yang claimed that Tian first came to him and asked whether her daughter and son could take a photo of his Bentley.
One day, she asked him if he had driven his Bentley to work, but figured that he used his Mercedes.
Yang offered Tian to take a photo with that car instead, only to learn later that it was being used for Lil Tay’s Instagram.
Yang said that he was “disappointed,” “mad” and felt like he was “taken advantage of.”
He also told the National Post that using a client’s residence is a “no-no” and that Tian is actually driving an “ordinary Japanese car.”
For these reasons, Tian’s time at Pacific Evergreen Realty was done. But she took the initiative to resign, telling Yang, “I’m quitting from real estate at this point.”
Lil Tay’s mom may be jobless, but the “youngest flexer of the century” is not running out of flashy videos anytime soon. In fact, she claims to have a brand new Ferrari:
Featured Image via Instagram / liltay
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