Boy in China Receives Stitches After Glass Door Explodes In His Face

Boy in China Receives Stitches After Glass Door Explodes In His Face
Bryan Ke
April 9, 2018
A boy in Sichuan Province, China, was rushed to the hospital after a large glass door shattered in his face as he played with it.
Surveillance footage from the Apple Store in a mall located in Chengdu shows a couple of boys playing with a sliding glass door while a woman, believed to be their mother, is busy shopping for cellphones.
When the younger boy, identified as 4-year-old Meng Meng, pushed the door open all the way, it suddenly shattered into pieces on top of him and left cuts on his face, according to Shanghaiist.
The mother immediately picked up and rushed her son to the nearest hospital, where doctors tended to the boy’s wounds.
The traumatic incident left him with a number of scars and has since made him more introverted at school, according to his mother, who is now seeking 200,000 yuan ($31,668) in compensation. She is also worried that the incident could severely affect his growth and development, local media reported.
Meanwhile, the store’s manager expressed that both the establishment and the mother should share the blame for the incident, explaining that parents should have a responsibility to watch over their child while out in public places.
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