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Comedian gives a lesson in how not to be racist while dressing up as ‘Squid Game’ characters

Squid Game TIkTok

As Halloween approaches, one TikToker voiced her concerns over possible racist interpretations of “Squid Game” costumes in a snarky skit.

Don’ts: Last Thursday, comedian and “Feeling Asian” podcast co-host Youngmi Mayer posted a 13-second video that touches on how non-Asian people might feel compelled to dress up as their favorite characters from the Netflix hit show.

‘Shut the f*ck up, Kevin’: Detroit chef calls out cultural ‘gatekeepers’ who ‘criticize their own’

TikTok chef

Detroit-based chef Jonathan Kung has gone viral after saying in a TikTok video that people should stop “gatekeeping” how others cook food from Chinese culture.

Gatekeeping Chinese food: “In the context of my field of expertise, I think gatekeeping is running its course,” Kung opens in the video. “I honestly don’t care who cooks this food anymore.”

Scottish Fold superstar Motimaru breaks world record for most views for a cat on YouTube with nearly 620 million views

Motimaru scottish fold cat Guinness World Record YouTube

Motimaru, a Scottish Fold male cat from Japan, is now a Guinness World Record holder for “Most views for a cat on YouTube” after reaching more than half a billion total views on his channel “motimaru’s diary.”

Establishing a record: Motimaru, or known by his millions of viewers as “Moti-sama,” was certified on Aug. 12 when the superstar cat’s channel hit a total of 619,586,260 views, according to Guinness World Records. Since then, the channel’s total views have already grown to 687,878,088.

‘Street Fighter’ characters’ AI-generated human faces are nightmare inducing

Street Fighter characters get human faces

A Twitter user ran pictures of “Street Fighter V” characters through StyleClip, an artificial intelligence tool, that gives illustrated characters human-like faces.

Next-level looks: @Siberian_644 shared the results of his experiment on Monday, which included images of the characters Guile, Chun-Li, Laura, Cody, Balrog and Rolento, to name several. Some of the pictures came out great, while others turned out downright hilarious for their wrongness.

TikTok baffled at Michigan man’s unintentional ‘racist’ comment while defending Asian man from verbal harasser

A viral TikTok video shows an unidentified man defending an Asian man from a racist in Michigan, but social media users pointed out the former became unintentionally racist as well.

What happened: TikTok user @anasiniesta_08 shared a video of a man wearing a dark navy “#FightLikeAFlynn” shirt and an Asian man in a verbal altercation at a Burlington Coat Factory in Michigan over the weekend, Daily Dot reported.

Unconfirmed report of cast for live-action ‘Avatar’ goes viral, sparks hope for fans

An unconfirmed casting of Netflix’s live-action of the popular “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series has gone viral on social media, with fans delighted to see the possibility of accurate representation. 

About the news: A site called “Avatar News,” described as being run by a “fellow fan” of the franchise, revealed the so-called “first look at the main cast” on Aug. 6.

‘How many K-Pop fans do you know personally?’: British DJ sparks outrage after calling K-Pop fans ‘suspicious’

A British producer and DJ has come under fire after claiming that K-Pop remains a niche in the West and that its fans are “suspicious” for using anime profile pictures.

What he’s saying: Matan Zohar, better known as Mat Zo, argued K-Pop’s supposed popularity in a now-deleted Twitter thread. He used BTS as an example and claimed that the group is “only as big as they are” due to “relentless corporate support.”

People are changing their Tinder locations to Japan so here are more Olympic athletes the internet can’t get over


People are setting their Tinder locations to Olympic Village in the hopes of finding love with one of the world’s top athletes. 

A TikTok trend: Kassie Yeung made headlines in May when she, a self-proclaimed “petty” ex-girlfriend, shared her 5,953-mile journey to Seoul to remove a “love lock” that she and her ex had once attached to a symbolic fence on Namsan tower. She’s now back with more antics as she sets her dating prospects on none other than the Olympic athletes.