Watch: Singaporean grandma’s ‘so cute’ reaction to automated mahjong table

Watch: Singaporean grandma’s ‘so cute’ reaction to automated mahjong table
via @therice__
Bryan Ke
March 14, 2024
A viral video showing a Singaporean grandmother being mind-blown after seeing an automated mahjong table for the first time has melted the hearts of many social media users.
The video: Uploaded by TikTok user @therice__ on Monday, the video, which has already received over 14.4 million views, shows the grandmother, who is in her 90s, being taught by her grandson how to operate the machine. After pressing a button, the tiles suddenly emerge from the table, surprising the woman in delight.
“She’s so fascinated. So cute,” @therice__ wrote in the on-screen caption of the viral video.
The context: Speaking to World of Buzz, the TikTok user shared that it was the first time that they tried the table after bringing it home. She noted that while her grandmother does not know how to play mahjong, she enjoys watching other family members playing the game.
“She was really fascinated by it and kept talking about how there’s no need to manually stack the tiles for the next few hours,” @therice__, who is from Singapore, told World of Buzz.
How it works: In the traditional manual mahjong, the players collect all the tiles in the center and shuffle them before taking their pieces.

The innovative machine simplifies the process. Players simply push all the tiles into the middle opening and let the machine handle the shuffling and dealing. The table carries two sets of mahjong tiles, eliminating waiting time between games as the spare set is already in place and ready for the next round.
How people reacted: Many TikTok users found the grandmother’s reaction to the technology adorable, while one user quipped, “Grandmas gon be flexin on all her friends at the next mahjong game night.”
Meanwhile, some users were just as amazed as the grandmother in the video, with one commenting, “Me, a [30-year-old] also seeing an automated mahjong table for the first time.”
Another user wrote, “I want to learn how to play mahjong just so I can buy a table like this.”
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