Hermes, Versace and more: Video reveals luxurious items available at Costcos in China

Hermes, Versace and more: Video reveals luxurious items available at Costcos in China
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The remarkable items available in China include Hermes purses, Burberry trench coats and Versace T-shirts

September 13, 2023
A woman has gone viral for revealing the luxurious items offered to Chinese customers at Costco branches in China. 
The luxurious items: American TikTok users are questioning the quality of Costco in the U.S. after seeing the remarkable items available in China, including Burberry trench coats, Versace T-shirts, Armani sweatshirts and Hermes purses worth more than $20,000.
TikTok user Candise Lin @candiselin86 notes in her now-viral TikTok video that three available Hermes purses were sold within 20 minutes of the retail company’s grand opening in the city of Hangzhou in July. 
“It’s so rare that you can buy a Birkin without prior purchase history,” she says. “These are much cheaper than buying from the official website or boutiques.”  
Other items: Costco currently has four branches in China. Lin shares in her video that the Shanghai branch notably sells Canada Goose jackets that cannot be found in Costco Canada.
Other popular items sold at Costco China include Disney plush toys, especially the Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear from “Toy Story 3” which comes in different sizes. Its largest size, which costs $270, reportedly stands at over 6 feet tall. 
Reactions: The TikTok video, which was uploaded on Sept. 6, has garnered over 2.5 million views, with many TikTok users amazed by the stark contrast in product quality between China’s Costco and others worldwide. Some speculated that lower costs due to production in China could explain the affordability. Many American users expressed hope that U.S. Costco stores will also stock high-end items in the future.
“What we grab here is $4.99 roast chicken and $1.50 hotdogs,” a person living in the U.S. wrote in a comment.

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