Video: Japanese women give their thoughts on whether paying for sex is cheating

Video: Japanese women give their thoughts on whether paying for sex is cheating
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"Go to a prostitute if you want to cheat. It's OK if he pays money"

September 20, 2023
A Japanese YouTuber has gone viral for asking Japanese women about whether they think paying for sex is the same as cheating or not.
About the video: Takashii posted a 59-second clip on YouTube on Sunday that shows him asking women on the streets of Japan about their views on infidelity. The clip, which has already garnered over 360,000 views, is an excerpt of a longer video that the content creator has promised to eventually upload.
Most of the women Takashii features in the clip said they would not consider it cheating if their partner paid for sex. Some of them can be heard saying that it should not be considered cheating as long as their partners are open about it.
“I wouldn’t like it if they have feelings for the one,” one of the women says. “But I don’t care if it’s just for sex.”
“I’d rather they go to a prostitute than talk to random girls,” her friend declares.
“I told my boyfriend, ‘Go to a prostitute if you want to cheat. It’s OK if he pays money,” another woman shares.
The last woman featured in the clip states that soliciting sex for money is “kind of a part of Japanese culture.” She adds, “Japan is famous for its prostitution. So maybe it’s only in Japan.”
Illegal in Japan: While paying for sex in Japan is considered illegal under the country’s Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956, the country defines sex work as relating to “penis in vagina” penetration and does not address other kinds of sexual services.
What people are saying: Several YouTube users were shocked after watching Takashii’s video, with one user commenting, “You can’t talk on the subway, hug someone as a greeting or litter, but you can cheat and go to prostitutes. I don’t get it!”
My head is hurting… like what,” another user commented. “These girls deserve better.”
A similar interview: On Sept. 7, Takashii uploaded a video titled “Why Do Japanese Guys Cheat So Much?”

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