Solo traveler cries after experience with unfriendly French locals in viral TikTok video

Solo traveler cries after experience with unfriendly French locals in viral TikTok videoSolo traveler cries after experience with unfriendly French locals in viral TikTok video
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A travel influencer from the U.S. broke down in tears after reportedly feeling isolated during her solo trip to France, citing cultural and language barriers.
Blogger’s emotional account: Angela, who has over 15,000 followers on her TikTok account RealPHDFoodie, embarked on a month-long European trip with a few days’ stop in the city of Lyon. In a TikTok video titled “France made me cry,” she described the city as isolating, attributing it to locals making her feel inadequate for not knowing their language and culture.
“I had no problem meeting people and socializing in general in Italy, or even in Germany — people tend to be colder — but I had no problem whatsoever,” she says in the video. “But in France, the experience is very different… I almost feel stupid for coming here, spending money. I even bought a French hat.”
Netizens react: Angela’s video, posted last week, has so far gained 6.8 million views and 38,000 comments. Some commenters shared their similar negative encounters in France and empathized with Angela’s struggles. 
“I was at a restaurant in Paris and sat there for 30 mins. No one told me they don’t serve food past 2 (tables eating were from earlier) made me cry,” a commenter wrote.
“I went to Paris to visit an online friend I had known for a while. In person she was cold, her family unwelcoming, and when we saw her friends she didn’t introduce me, so I introduced myself and they flat out ignored me,” another shared.
Others, however, suggested the importance of learning a few local words and criticized her for not making enough effort. 
“Actually, when you travel, you should make an effort to learn a few words in the native language of the country you are visiting. It gives you a difference [sic] perspective and makes you more approachable,” one commented.
Responding to backlash: In a follow-up post, Angela emphasized the universal language of kindness and showcased her attempts at speaking French. She highlighted positive interactions with a few individuals but expressed disappointment in the general reception.
Addressing claims that her beret made her stand out to some French people, potentially in a negative way, she wrote: “I bought the beret on my last day as a souvenir. Wearing a beret is not a crime.”
Olive branch from the French: Angela received support from French residents, with some offering to meet up when she comes to visit again. Lyon’s tourism office also invited her back for a hosted trip, reported The Times.
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