Chinese man praised for taking care of disabled mom every day since he was 10 years old

Chinese man praised for taking care of disabled mom every day since he was 10 years old
via New China TV
Bryan Ke
September 13, 2023
A Chinese man has tugged on netizens’ heartstrings due to his undying love for his mother, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
A true inspiration: Yang Zhiyang, a 22-year-old man from Baoji, China, has reportedly been taking care of his mother, Su Jing, every single day for the past 12 years. Su Jing has never experienced bedsores due to his diligent care, according to Yang’s father.
How it began: Su Jing was diagnosed with ALS when Yang was around 10 years old. ALS is a rare and incurable neurological disease that severely affects a person’s motor neurons, eventually rendering them incapable of chewing, walking, talking and other voluntary movements.
Since his father had to make a living for their family, Yang began looking after his disabled mother by helping her with her daily needs, such as brushing her teeth and eating.
Yang also takes his mother out for fresh air in a wheelchair, takes her shopping, helps her exercise and brings her to the salon, all with a smile on his face.
Their connection: Su Jing used to solely rely on texting on her phone to communicate since she no longer has the ability to speak. However, Yang eventually learned to understand his mother’s needs through eye contact.
Recognized dedication: Yang received a special award for filial piety in February. The award, which also came with a 5,000 yuan (approximately $690) cash prize, was reportedly given by Alibaba Charity.
Yang reportedly began documenting his journey with his mother in 2021 to help raise ALS awareness and possibly contribute to finding a cure one day.
What people are saying: Several Chinese social media users praised Yang for being so caring and selfless, with one Weibo user writing, “Filial piety moves heaven.” Another Weibo user commented, “Thanks to love and support, the mother still looks happy.”

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