Video: Muay Thai fighter suffers horrific broken nose during match

Video: Muay Thai fighter suffers horrific broken nose during match
via Thai Fight International
Bryan Ke
22 days ago
An Iranian Muay Thai fighter suffered a severe broken nose when his Thai opponent landed an uppercut straight to his face during a match over the weekend.
Key points:
  • The gruesome incident occurred during the second round of Iranian fighter Shayan Heydari and Thai fighter Por Tor Thor Petchrungruang’s Muay Thai match at the Thai Fight Kard Chuek Pluak Daeng event at CK Plaza mall in Pluak Daeng, Thailand, on Sunday.

The details:
  • A slow-motion recap shared on X shows Heydari attempting to block Petchrungruang’s attack when the Thai fighter suddenly let loose an uppercut that connected to the Iranian fighter’s nose, breaking it in the process. The post has gone viral with over 8.9 million views.
  • “He just sent his nose… to another dimension, I must say,” the commentator can be heard in the viral post.
  • Heydari fell in the ring immediately after the punch. A referee came and called the match off as medics came to treat the Iranian fighter.
  • Petchrungruang was declared the winner via technical knock out. The Thai fighter can be seen approaching Heydari after the call and bowing to him in show of sportsmanship.
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How people reacted:
  • Heydari’s injury brought shock to many social media users, with one X user commenting, “That(sic) gotta be the nastiest I’ve ever seen holy sh*t.”
  • Others made light of Heydari’s situation, with one user quipping, “That was the sound of a tool chest falling down the stairs,” while another one wrote, “Damn his nose left his body.”
  • “Good use of the nose to block that uppercut,” one user joked.
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