Chinese man sets his pants on fire after botched ‘fart lighting’ stunt

Chinese man sets his pants on fire after botched ‘fart lighting’ stuntChinese man sets his pants on fire after botched ‘fart lighting’ stunt
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A man in northeastern China saw his bottom wind up in flames after an ill-advised attempt to light his own fart.
What happened: The prankster, identified as Bin Touzi of Jilin province, filmed himself trying to perform the stunt. In the video, he lies on his bed to pass some gas while a friend raises a lighter on his backside.
As Bin releases his flatulence, the lighter meets the escaping gas, resulting in a colossal fireball that torches his pants. In his panic, Bin rolls around on the bed, patting his blazing bottom to extinguish the fire before it could escalate.

About the stunt: Fart lighting, or the act of setting one’s own gas on fire, has been a novelty practice among pranksters for decades. The practice, otherwise known as pyroflatulence or flatus ignition, is often discouraged due to potential safety risks. Experts warn that an improperly executed attempt could create a small explosion due to the sudden expansion of ignited gas. This could cause minor injuries or damage to nearby objects.
The science behind: According to Science Illustrated, a person’s gut bacteria produce gases like hydrogen and methane, which are flammable when mixed with oxygen. Foul-smelling farts have more hydrogen, making them even more flammable. The flame from a lit fart is usually small and quick, as farts are mostly air and don’t burn for long.
Reactions: Bin’s botched stunt has gone viral on Chinese social media, drawing laughs and jokes among users.
“[It’s] new green energy,” one Weibo user wrote.
Another user suspected, “His butt hair must be burnt.”
“I can’t help but shake my head,” another noted.
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