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South Korean dating apps limit mask-wearing user photos amid complaints of ‘mask fraud’

  • South Korean dating apps have cracked down on “magikkun” users who wear masks in their dating profile pictures.  
  • “Magikkun,” which translates to “mask fraud,” is the latest buzzword in the South Korean online dating scene.
  • Due to complaints from several users, popular dating apps now only allow a limited number of photos with masks on users’ profiles.

Dating apps in South Korea are enforcing stricter measures against mask-wearing in profile images as more users complain about mask fraud, known as “magikkun.” 

“Magikkun” – a term that combines the English word “mask” and“sagikkun,” the Korean word for “fraud” – has become the latest buzzword in the world of South Korean online dating, reported The Korea Herald

Kal Penn comes out as gay, shares how his 11-year relationship started with NASCAR

Kal Penn comes out as gay, dating partner for 11 years

Kal Penn, most known for his role as Kumar Patel alongside John Cho’s Harold Lee in the hit “Harold and Kumar” film franchise, has come out as gay and announced his recent engagement.

It started with NASCAR: In an interview with People, Penn, 44, teased some details about his new book “You Can’t Be Serious,” where he talks about his sexuality, family and his first date with his partner Josh, whom he met while working in the White House under the Obama Administration.

What Asian-Australian Men Need to Accept When it Comes to Dating

asian dating
This article was originally published on Medium and reposted with permission.

I don’t need to see all the dating statistics to be convinced that Asian men have it worst when it comes to dating. I have more than enough evidence from experience, living in Australia for the past 16 years as an Asian man.

The fact is plain and simple. We are stereotyped, perceived as lower status and less desirable by all women — yes, including Asian women. This phenomenon is so ubiquitous that Columbia University was able to put a dollar figure on the attractiveness gap between Asian and White men. With all other factors normalized (e.g. physical attractiveness), an Asian man would have to earn an additional $247,000 (USD) to stand on equal footing with his White counterpart.

9 Asians Tell Us About Their Most Tragic and Hilarious Experiences While Dating

Love, dating and relationships — let’s be honest, none of us have it completely figured out. As Asians, most of us have faced our fair share of troubles, from rejections and de-sexualization to fetishization and everything in between.

We asked Asians about some of their most hilarious or tragic experiences on their quest for love and, well, they certainly didn’t disappoint.