Old School YouTube Fans Rejoice! Ryan Higa and Arden Cho Are Officially Dating

Old School YouTube Fans Rejoice! Ryan Higa and Arden Cho Are Officially DatingOld School YouTube Fans Rejoice! Ryan Higa and Arden Cho Are Officially Dating
Every millennial’s favorite YouTuber, Ryan Higa and “Teen Wolf” actress, singer and model, Arden Cho have been keeping us on our toes since 2010 when “Agents of Secret Stuff” premiered on YouTube.
Ryan Higa revealed this news on the fifth episode of his podcast series “Off the Pill” where he talked about why he and Arden chose not to go public with this news and how the dream couple celebrated Valentine’s Day. As it turns out, the two have been dating for quite a while, we’ve all just been fooled this entire time.
“I just released that I am dating Arden, which most people had already known… yeah, we’ve been dating for a long time,” he revealed in the video.
“We never said we’re gonna hide it per se but we didn’t feel it necessary to announce it, we didn’t want to make it like one of those channels where they just make their things about the relationships. Then it becomes like messy I think it… puts a strain a different unnecessary pressure on the relationship.”
So while we were all speculating, waiting nearly a decade of our lives for this news, people close to Ryan and Arden already know all about this development.
“People already knew, like there’s so many pictures out with like fans and stuff like that, it’s so obvious we just never really announced it,” Ryan said.
Since this announcement was officially made on his podcast series, it appears this news has indeed been hiding right under our noses. With so many adorable photos of the two on their social media dating back months ago, it’s ridiculous that we haven’t figured this out earlier.
So how did the newly-announced couple celebrate Valentine’s Day? Apparently they had a nice quiet dinner.
“On Valentine’s Day we just had a dinner, we went to this place because I was still on keto and it was a Brazilian steak place,” he said.
When asked whether him and Arden have kissed yet, Ryan responded, “Eww, yuck! You’re sick dude.”
Now that we know for certain that Arden and Ryan are dating, we’ll all be here patiently waiting for more collaboration videos on their YouTube channels.
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