9 Asians Tell Us About Their Most Tragic and Hilarious Experiences While Dating

9 Asians Tell Us About Their Most Tragic and Hilarious Experiences While Dating9 Asians Tell Us About Their Most Tragic and Hilarious Experiences While Dating
Love, dating and relationships — let’s be honest, none of us have it completely figured out.
We asked Asians about some of their most hilarious or tragic experiences on their quest for love and, well, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Peggy 39, Chinese

“(White) Guy from my past moved to Singapore. He came back for Christmas and told me we had unfinished business. (The hell we do, I’m in a great relationship now) I asked him how he’s enjoying his new life in Singapore. He tells me it’s great! He’s a ‘rice chaser’ now! Boy, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Chris 28, Chinese/Vietnamese

“I’ve learned in my 28 years that ‘yellow fever’ is not exclusive for males. I’ve learned that females also can have yellow fever. I’ve been on Tinder dates where I’ve been asked, 1. If I like Kpop 2. If I am Korean. I usually say no to both, but I’ve said yes to both the questions for reasons. I’ve also met a girl once who called herself Megatron tell me ‘she has a fetish for Asian dudes’ right after we met.”

Alecsis 17, Filipino

“Well I’m not allowed to date until after med school. Specifically: Med school. Because this has been implanted in my head, the few guys that have asked me for my number… I’ve told them I don’t have a phone. Hilariously, my phone was always in my hand and in sight when I said this.”

Michelle 19, Hmong

“Last year, I was talking to a Mexican guy who was super cute. We went on our first date — we had ice cream, walked by the lake, and then went out to eat after. We had such a deep connection, or so I thought, and we met up a couple times after that. He told me that his ‘mentors would love to work with someone like me,’ and I agreed to meet with them. Turns out, he’s in a pyramid scheme and tried to get me in it. They made me read Rich Dad Poor Dad, talked about how people think that making money like this is a scam but it’s not, and that if I want to continue with it, I’d have to pay $200/month and recruit people! Then he told me that if we want to ‘do business together, I think it’s best if we put what we have to the side’. Sometimes you just gotta be like ‘yikes’ and move tf on…”

Marina 25, Singaporean/Italian

“My Italian bf at the time for a couple of months was convinced I was Japanese and went around saying I was Japanese. made me eat sushi every goddamn Friday. Finally he accepted the truth and was upset.”

Adam, Laos

“(At the time 17) My ex broke up with me because she figured out I wasn’t Mexican and when we went to a family get together her family all started speaking to me in Spanish and they were disappointed, she ended it the following week.”

Marianne 18, Tongan

“When I was 16 I dated one of my Korean classmates. The relationship lasted about two-three months. His parents disapproved of us dating from the start and it didn’t set a very good precedent lol.”

Peter 23, Thai

“Used Tinder and matched with a girl, she thought I was black, cuz Thai people is (sic) pretty dark skin, and then she wrote back sorry don’t date Asian guys, and deleted the match.”

Kathy, Vietnamese

“Basically I went out on a date with a guy and we were going to go watch a movie. He got there first and texted me he already bought the ticket and that he had to choose a seat. Then I asked if he could buy mine so we would be together and he’s like sure. I get there and he didn’t even end up buying it and told me the wrong seat number. We end up going in and we don’t even sit together we are like FAR away…”
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