Meet the South Korean singles trapped in Netflix’s reality dating show ‘Singles Inferno’

Meet the South Korean singles trapped in Netflix’s reality dating show ‘Singles Inferno’Meet the South Korean singles trapped in Netflix’s reality dating show ‘Singles Inferno’
Netflix appears to have released another South Korean hit with the new dating reality show “Singles Inferno.” 
The show, which features attractive singles who are forced to live together on a deserted island, has hooked international audiences since the first two episodes were released on Dec. 18.
According to the show’s official trailer, the contestants are trapped on the deserted island  “Inferno” until they eventually find their match, which will then allow them to enter “Paradise,” an island where the couples can spend time in a swanky hotel suite. 
In addition to the intriguing premise, the show’s single men and women are what seem to be drawing in viewers from around the world.

Song Ji-a

Song Ji-a, 24, is a beauty content creator who has over 620,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel free지아, where she gives beauty tips, fashion advice and recipes. 
According to Elle Singapore, the popular influencer pursued a degree in traditional Korean dance at Hanyang University in Seoul.
Song, who describes herself as “sexy” and “cute” in her introductory interview, made it clear that none of the contestants are her type. She also shared a very bold prediction early on: “No other girls can beat me, I’m that confident.“

Choi Si-hun

Choi Si-hun, a member of the boy group TRIPLEME, has made a name in South Korea as an actor and model. 
The 29-year-old celebrity, who has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, reportedly loves to work out in his free time. Choi has starred in several dramas, including “I Started Following Romance,” “Standby Curator” and “Café Kilimanjaro.”

Kang So-yeon

Kang So-yeon is the CEO of HitFit Boxing and co-founder of a Daechi-dong-based gym. 
Kang’s active lifestyle involves contact sports such as basketball and boxing, as well as other competitive sports such as swimming, weightlifting, golf and tennis. The 33-year-old entrepreneur also does yoga, pilates and some martial arts, including jiu-jitsu and judo.
Kang says in her introduction that most men find her to be “sexy,” noting that one can be “sexy in many ways.” 
“I’d like to show different sides of myself, one by one, slowly,” she added. 
Kang, who has done some modeling and acting in the past, appeared in the 2016 web drama “The Facetale: Cinderia.”

Kim Jun-sik

Kim Jun-sik is a 28-year-old entrepreneur who has developed many products geared toward helping women.
In the show, Kim stated that he enjoys cooking and prefers spending his free time sharing the meals he prepares with those close to him. In addition to cooking, he also loves photography and working out. 
According to Kim, he is attracted to women with “cat-face” types. 

An Yea-won

Not much is revealed online about model and influencer An Yea-won. 
In her introduction, she describes herself as “clumsy and playful in a cute way,” which she says is part of her charm. She also proudly says she has a great body and nice teeth, something that she likes in other people.
According to An, she loves going to the beach during summer to jog and get a tan. 

Oh Jin-taek

Oh Jin-taek is the CEO and style advisor of tailored suit brand Ascottage.
The entrepreneur, who holds a degree in business management, is in charge of managing the company and its marketing.
During his introduction, the contestant describes himself as “a bit of a perfectionist.” According to Oh, he joined the show because he is looking for a “flaming romance.”
“I’m sexy, so I want to be with a sexy woman,” Oh said with a laugh. He also said he has never failed in asking a woman out.

Shin Ji-yeon

Few details have been revealed about contestant Shin Ji-yeon.  
In her introduction, Shin Ji-yeon shares her straightforward approach to dating, noting that she “will easily turn down a guy who isn’t my type.“
“When someone is my type, I try to be more straightforward,” she added. “When I like someone I try to respond enthusiastically. Personality matters a lot to me, I like people who can influence me in positive ways.“
According to Shin, her positive vibes, empathy and her hands make her a charming person. 

Moon Se-hoon

Moon Se-hoon attributes his unpopularity to people thinking he’s popular.
He considers himself to be someone who’s good at household chores, such as washing dishes. According to Moon, girls find guys who do such activities “charming.”
Moon, who spends his free time working out, says he never gives up on pursuing the woman he likes. “When I find someone I like, I have to date her,” he said.

Kim Hyeon-joong

Kim Hyeon-joong is no stranger to the stage, having won the first runner-up title at the 2019 Mister Model Worldwide competition. 
“I decided to come to this show because I’m curious to see if I could really find the one for me,” he shared in his introduction.
According to the model and personal trainer, he stays fit by working out for at least two hours every day. Kim says he likes women who also work out. 
He attributes his charm to his “dimple that shows when I smile, a fit body, and a really cute butt.”
Episode 3 of “Singles Inferno” is set to air on Netflix on Dec. 25. 
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