Indian TikToker ‘traumatized’ after woman brings surprise guests on first date

Indian TikToker ‘traumatized’ after woman brings surprise guests on first dateIndian TikToker ‘traumatized’ after woman brings surprise guests on first date
via @zockr / TikTok
A U.S.-based Indian influencer has shared how a woman allegedly brought her parents on their first date in a now-viral TikTok post.
How it started: Zakir Siddiqui, who goes by @zockr on TikTok, laid out the details of the disastrous date to his 560,000 followers in October. The clip, which has since garnered over 21 million views, shows Siddiqui narrating his experience with a woman he dubbed “Priyanka,” whom he claimed “traumatized” him.
Siddiqui said he matched with Priyanka via the dating app Bumble. Her profile allegedly stated, “It’s either this or an arranged marriage,” which he would later discover was more than a joke.

The dinner: After bonding over their shared Indian roots, the pair agreed to meet for an Indian dinner. Things took an unexpected turn when Priyanka led Siddiqui to their table, where he saw her parents waiting.
“I was not prepared for this moment in life,” Siddiqui said. “There was no way that she had brought her mom and dad with her on the first date.”
The “interrogation”: With Priyanka’s parents tagging along, Siddiqui said he found himself being interrogated about his life and career. He described the encounter as a potential setup for an arranged marriage, but despite his shock, he said he tried to keep his composure.
At one point, Priyanka’s father allegedly suggested bringing Siddiqui’s parents into the fold. Siddiqui said he dodged the proposal by claiming his parents did not live nearby.
Priyanka’s father, however, was not convinced. He told his daughter that “our time here is done,” and the family stood up and left the table.
More first date woes: Siddiqui, a self-proclaimed “black belt in first dates,” has opened up about his many dating misadventures on TikTok.
He has shared about another date with a woman he called “Sydney,” who allegedly “catfished” him as she looked significantly older than her photos. What shocked him most during their encounter, however, was Sydney allegedly ordering 53 fried pickles during their date.
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