Japanese Magazine Reveals Traits of an ‘Ideal Man’ and No One is Good Enough

Japanese Magazine Reveals Traits of an ‘Ideal Man’ and No One is Good Enough
Ryan General
May 2, 2019
A women’s magazine in Japan recently released a list of traits for the “ideal man” and some readers have found many of its requirements to be far too specific.
Japanese Twitter user @Holy_chorus uploaded an image of a page from the magazine with the heading “This is the ultimate young man, who embodies every ideal!”
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As the netizens went down the list, it became apparent that the magazine had already set its sights on a very particular set of qualities, reports Soranews24.
“So let’s take a look at what those ideals are,” Holy Chorus wrote. “The list starts off with some physical characteristics:
  1. Has black hair
  2. Short hairstyle
  3. Fair complexion and flat facial features
  4. At least 175 centimeters (5 feet, 9 inches) tall
  5. Thin and muscular
The list then continued on to detail a very particular sense of fashion, even mentioning a popular celebrity as its standard for good looks.
  1. Often wears hooded sweatshirts
  2. Dresses casually
  3. Prefers navy blue or white clothing
  4. Looks like actor/model Kentaro Sakaguchi
Here’s Kentaro Sakaguchi:
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As if being required to look like a celebrity heartthrob wasn’t restrictive enough, the list further limits its qualities of the “ideal man” to a very specific set of characteristics that even Kentaro Sakaguchi himself fails to fit into.
  1. Born and raised in Tokyo
  2. Spends a lot of time in the Harajuku neighborhood
  3. Birthday is in August
  4. Blood type O
  5. Is the oldest son out of his siblings
Some conditions are downright confusing and, at times, even contradicting.
  1. College graduate (or currently in college)
  2. Member of an athletic club (as opposed to an art club)
  3. Is a student
  4. Has a lot of friends
  5. Has had three prior girlfriends
  6. Has a lot of money saved up in his bank account
  7. Currently works part-time at a cafe
  8. Kind and gentle
  9. Often says “thank you”
  10. Wants to get married someday
  11. Spends his money responsibly
The magazine then continued to list vaguely general to more oddly specific preferences:
  1. Limits his per-month clothes purchases to 10,000 yen (US$90)
  2. Often rolls up the sleeves of his long-sleeved shirts
  3. Is always smiling
  4. Will give you accessories for your birthday present
  5. Regularly texts/emails/calls you
  6. When you’re feeling bad, asks “Are you OK?”
  7. Is a member of the soccer team
  8. His hobby is watching sports
  9. Is athletic
  10. Likes eating meat and meaty dishes
  11. Loves cola
  12. Is into beetles
  13. Watches the variety show Shabekuri 007 every day
  14. Doesn’t smoke
  15. Can drink a lot of alcohol
  16. Doesn’t wear cologne
  17. Is good at cooking rice omelets
The list has since sparked an online discussion about people’s stringent and somewhat unrealistic standards when searching for a romantic partner.
One commenter lamented that it would be impossible for him to be considered “ideal” under such standards since he isn’t born in August, doesn’t have type O blood, and is not the oldest son out of his siblings.
Others, however, pointed out that one does not necessarily have to tick each item on the list to be deemed acceptable or attractive as it only serves as a hypothetical ideal to show the “ultimate” young man.
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