People Are Offering Themselves for $100/Hour as Dates for Lunar New Year

People Are Offering Themselves for $100/Hour as Dates for Lunar New Year
Bryan Ke
January 24, 2020
People are offering themselves up online as a boyfriend or girlfriend for rent this Lunar New Year celebration to save you from awkward encounters with your family members.
Prices for the service on Carousell Singapore can range from 80 Singaporean dollars ($59) to 100 Singaporean dollars ($74).
via Carousell
via Carousell
While some people are seriously offering this service, others only promote themselves for a laugh. Facebook user Bryant Luo put himself up for hire as a joke, according to AsiaOne.
In his post, Luo jokingly starts his rate at 88 Singaporean dollars ($65) per hour for meeting his client’s parents. Then if the woman wants him to be the “perfect husband material,” she has to cough up an additional 188 Singaporean dollars ($139).
Luo also added some add-ons such as hugging or holding hands in front of relatives for an extra fee.
Carrine Low, whose post has since been deleted from Facebook, also tried to jump onto this business for the Lunar New Year with her own rent-a-girlfriend ad. Her prices started at an hourly rate of 100 Singaporean dollars ($74) as a regular client or 88 Singaporean dollars ($65) for a student discount.
Low incorporated bits of humor into her ad by writing “always take angpao from strangers” in a list of things she can do.
Feature Image via Carousell Singapore (Left), carrinelow (Right)
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