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AI creates images depicting Pikachu in 1920s Tokyo

  • An image-generating AI program created black and white photographs of what Pikachu might look like if it existed in Tokyo during the 1920s.
  • The black and white photos were produced by image-generating apps Stable Diffusion and Dream Studio.
  • The Pokémon franchise was created in 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri.

Pikachu, the adorable face of the Pokémon franchise, traveled back in time to 1920s Japan with the help of an image-generating AI program.

Using the image-generating AI apps Stable Diffusion and Dream Studios, Twitter user @_ai_drawing managed to produce realistic black and white photos which imagined Pikachu in Tokyo during the Taishō period. 

Chinese researchers develop AI that can read minds and determine party loyalty, report reveals

  • Chinese researchers have reportedly developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can read the minds of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials and determine their level of loyalty.
  • In an experiment, the software analyzed brain signals, facial expressions and skin electrical responses from subjects who sat in front of kiosks and watched CCP-related content.
  • The technology rendered a “loyalty score” based on metrics such as “emotional identification” and “learning attentiveness.”
  • A report about the AI posted on July 1 was reportedly pulled after eliciting public outcry.

Chinese researchers have reportedly developed artificial intelligence (AI) that can read the minds of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials.

A video report detailed the software’s features and attributed it to the Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center, a relatively new institute focused on health and environment, energy research, information management and artificial intelligence.

Google pauses new feature that suggested ‘inclusive language’ replacements after heavy criticism

  • Google has temporarily disabled the new AI-powered “inclusive language” feature that flagged potentially inappropriate language and suggested alternative terms.
  • The Google Docs feature suggested replacing words such as “mankind" with “humankind,” “housewife” with “stay-at-home-spouse” and “landlord” with “property owner.”
  • Using inappropriate or non-inclusive terms prompted a pop-up message saying, “Inclusive warning. Some of these words may not be inclusive to all readers. Consider using different words.”
  • However, when media outlet Vice tried the new feature on a transcribed interview of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, Google Docs did not provide any suggestions despite his use of the N-word and numerous references to hunting Black people.
  • The “inclusive language” feature was no longer available on Google Docs as of noon on Tuesday.
  • “We’re looking more carefully at the inclusive language suggestions and have paused those for further review while we continue to improve this feature,” Google spokesperson Jenny Thomson said.

Google has paused the new “inclusive language” function it rolled out last month for its online word processor after facing heavy criticism online. 

The controversial feature flagged potentially inappropriate language and prompted Google Docs users to replace them with alternative terms.

Automation is a Bigger Threat to Millennials Than We Think and Andrew Yang’s UBI is the Solution

During this challenging, unstable time, every story on the news seems to be pointing to a new threat to our existence.

Between video clips of Greta Thunberg at the latest climate emergency protest and the current political unrest in every continent, the supposed threat of “robots taking our jobs” seems like the least of our worries. But is it really as far off in the future as some of us may want to believe?

China Deploys First AI Robot Police That Tackles Criminals And Now We’re Living in ‘Black Mirror’

The city of Handan in China’s Hebei province has unleashed its futuristic robot police force that is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies.

The city’s police officials made the unveiling of the three-member team of their robotic policemen on Wednesday, August 7, according to their series of Weibo posts.

Silicon Valley’s Latest Billion Dollar Startup is Run By a 22-Year-Old

Scale AI, which is developing software to annotate images for training artificial intelligence for robots, self-driving cars and language processing, has raised $100 million of funding, bringing its valuation to over $1 billion.

Scale investors include Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Accel, Coatue Management, Index Ventures, Spark Capital, Thrive Capital, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and Quora CEO Adam d’Angelo.

Japanese Startup’s New Video Showing AI Models is Terrifying and Impressive at the Same Time

A new video showcasing dozens of “fashion models” continuously morphing into people of another sex and color with new sets of clothes is the latest evidence of how far artificial intelligence has come in understanding humans.

Aside from physical appearances, this particular AI came up with its own poses and stances, presenting the models as if they’ve come from a live fashion catalog straight from the future.

China’s President is the ‘Most Dangerous Opponent of Free Societies,’ Says Billionaire George Soros

Billionaire George Soros has called Chinese President Xi Jinping “the most dangerous enemy” of free societies during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Hungarian-American investor told a dinner audience at the event that the Chinese leader’s power lies in China’s hi-tech surveillance capabilities, reports Agence France-Presse

Chinese Student Creates AI That Can Turn Photos into Anime

An undergraduate student from China’s Fudan University showcased a new artificial intelligence (AI) software that can turn regular human photos into an anime masterpiece using the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and Deep Learning method.

Yanghua Jin is attempting to create a computer program that can learn from its own mistakes the longer it works. This is all done using GAN’s two networks: the generator and the discriminator, according to SoraNews24.