Watch: Viral video showcases ease of becoming someone else via AI technology

Watch: Viral video showcases ease of becoming someone else via AI technologyWatch: Viral video showcases ease of becoming someone else via AI technology
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Michelle De Pacina
27 days ago
A viral video on Chinese social media showcases the power of AI-driven deepfake technology, demonstrating how easily individuals can be transformed into someone else online.
Key points:
  • In the viral video demonstration, a man showcases AI face-changing technology by transforming into an attractive young woman. 
  • While the male engineer acknowledges that the software is not flawless, its realism raises concerns about the difficulty of discerning real content from manipulated content online.
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The details:
  • In the video, the AI seamlessly replaces the man’s face with that of the woman’s while accurately mimicking his actions, including eating and speaking.
  • According to, the AI tool used is called DeepFaceLive, which allows users to change their faces during real-time video calls or livestreams, adding entertainment value and privacy options. Additionally, the app includes a facial animation module, giving users more creative control over their images and expressions.
  • Netizens have expressed surprise and disbelief, noting the difficulty in discerning the engineered transformation from reality. While some viewers critiqued minor discrepancies, such as the apparent masculinity of the hands, many have acknowledged the technology’s convincing ability to create realistic appearances.
  • In recent years, there has been a rising trend of “face-swapping” videos on Chinese social media, creating content that ranges from comedic to deceptive. The trend underscores the concerns surrounding the authenticity and ethical implications of advanced technology, as well as its potential impact on trust and perception in the digital age.
  • In one story of face manipulation, a 50-year-old Japanese man used FaceApp to transform his appearance into a young female biker. The man posted photos of his female alter ego, attracting attention and admiration from other users. He then revealed his true identity, sparking a mix of surprise and amusement among his followers.
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