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The Problem We Have With ‘Yellow Fever’ Today

A quick Google search defines “exotic” as either “originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country” or “an exotic plant or animal.”

I’ve been called this word so many times that I’ve stopped bothering to keep track: by Metro catcallers, by Santa Monica street performers, by my sixth-grade history teacher, by my father’s 60-year-old business clients.

Chinese High School Separates Boys and Girls at Lunch to Cut Down on Romances

A high school in Henan province, China is being criticized for a rule that segregates male and female students in the cafeteria as part of its clampdown on student romance.

A member of the Suiping County No. 1 High School confirmed that the rule was developed to prevent students from having a romantic relationship with each other, according to South China Morning Post.

9 Asians Tell Us About Their Most Tragic and Hilarious Experiences While Dating

Love, dating and relationships — let’s be honest, none of us have it completely figured out. As Asians, most of us have faced our fair share of troubles, from rejections and de-sexualization to fetishization and everything in between.

We asked Asians about some of their most hilarious or tragic experiences on their quest for love and, well, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend Because His Red Envelope for Her Parents Didn’t Have Enough Money

A couple in Taiwan parted ways just before the Lunar New Year over a disagreement on the appropriate amount one’s parents should receive in little red envelopes.

The story, which has since sparked discussions, came to light after the now ex-boyfriend shared screenshots of their conversations on Facebook, according to Now News.

Hong Kong Artist Illustrates Relationship With ‘IT Guy’ BF in Beloved Comic Series

asian artist

An artist in Hong Kong has immortalized precious moments with her boyfriend in a comic series receiving acclaim online.

Bonnie Pang, who started creating comics at age 6, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She then obtained a master’s degree in illustration from the Academy of Art University (AAU) before becoming a full-time illustrator in 2016.

The Problem With Shaming LGBTQ Asians For Dating Outside Their Race

asian lgbtq

As members of the LGBTQ community, we believe in the ideology that people should be able to love whomever they want to love. So why do racial and ethnic identity so often complicate this?

While a history of racism, colonialism, and past subjugation can have generational effects on people’s attitudes and philosophies, should every person’s preference in a partner be filtered through such a screen?