The ‘Lara Croft of Hong Kong’ Finds Love After Working Heavy Lifting Jobs

The ‘Lara Croft of Hong Kong’ Finds Love After Working Heavy Lifting JobsThe ‘Lara Croft of Hong Kong’ Finds Love After Working Heavy Lifting Jobs
Chu Tsin-pui, also known as the “Lara Croft of Hong Kong” and the “prettiest porter” in the city, has found her prince charming on a popular dating show.
Chu, who started working at an early age to support her family after her father’s business failed, became famous after videos of her at work went viral, according to South China Morning Post.
She took on various jobs at offices, hotels and restaurants, but that type of work didn’t really suit her personality. Chu then decided to work as a porter and has been doing so since she was 19.
Chu has to delivered up to 8 tons (7,200 kilograms) of goods throughout the city, carrying around 90 kilograms (200 pounds) of goods at a time every day.
Screenshot via YouTube / TVB (Official)
Chu said that she did not want jobs that would suppress who she is.
Netizens praised and admired Chu for her diligence. Her personality secured her jobs and contracts for brands such as CAT footwear and the Jiangsu TV show “New Chinese Dating Time” where she met her date.
Screenshot via YouTube / 中天新聞CH52
However, Chu’s job counted against her during her appearance on the dating show.
The format of the program allows parents to ask questions and choose potential partners for their child.
Chu was initially rejected for her humble background and was faced with several questions while meeting potential suitors face-to-face.
Screenshot via YouTube / TVB (Official)
Chu’s good looks and strong personality ultimately helped her stand out against other competitors who were more traditional and demure.
While her work and background did not go over well with parents, Chu stole the heart of contestant Rong Disheng, a 35-year-old broadcaster from China Radio International.
Rong asked Chu out on a date and described her as having a tough soul inside her beautiful appearance. He added that if things work out between them, he would give her a better and more enjoyable life.
Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / TVB (official) (Left, Right), YouTube / 中天新聞CH52 (Middle)
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