Couple Goes on 61-Day ‘Breakup Trip,’ Does Not End as Expected

Couple Goes on 61-Day ‘Breakup Trip,’ Does Not End as Expected

October 12, 2018
A young couple’s love story has gone viral on Chinese social media as they embarked on a 61-day “breakup trip” that culminated in irony.
The couple, both born in 1994, had met each other while studying in college in China.
After graduation, the man, Pupu, returned to his hometown to be a teacher, while the woman, Juejue, stayed in the city to work as a comic artist.
Since then, the couple has been in a long-distance relationship that put their love to the test.
Image via Weibo / @pupuhejuejue
Unfortunately, things became increasingly difficult and they eventually decided to part ways.
However, because Pupu and Juejue had not fulfilled their individual promises, they thought of wrapping things up in a 61-day “breakup trip.”
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The couple documented everything during their trip to some nine cities around the country on Weibo.
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They also kept a countdown of the days they had left in status updates.
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Followers found themselves preparing to well up when Aug. 27 — the last day of the trip — arrived in Chengdu.
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But in a twist of fate that defeated the trip’s very purpose, Pupu and Juejue decided to give their love one more shot.
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After hearing much encouragement, Pupu left his work and moved to the city, where he is now looking for a new job.
“Although the pressure is great, we will continue to work hard for the life want,” OMGTW quoted Pupu as saying.
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Netizens had mixed reactions about the couple’s decision to stay together, with some speculating that everything could be nothing more than a publicity stunt.
“Is this really breaking up? Are they sure this is how to not show love?”
“So they have time to travel, but no time to spend together?”
“I think this is all a stunt. You can see how much they love each other throughout the trip, and in the end breaking up did not matter.”
“I think it’s both, they’re really in love and they wanted to create hype.”
“This is really a long-distance relationship. I admire people who think there is no future in the future. I can’t do it.”
Image via Weibo / @pupuhejuejue
Pupu and Juejue have since continued updating their Weibo page, and regardless of what people say, they can only keep loving each other.
Many people who understand us have had similar experiences, so they understand us very well, but people who have no similar experience don’t understand. It doesn’t matter,” Sohu quoted Juejue as saying.
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