Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend Because His Red Envelope for Her Parents Didn’t Have Enough Money

Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend Because His Red Envelope for Her Parents Didn’t Have Enough Money
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
February 7, 2019
A couple in Taiwan parted ways just before the Lunar New Year over a disagreement on the appropriate amount one’s parents should receive in little red envelopes.
The story, which has since sparked discussions, came to light after the now ex-boyfriend shared screenshots of their conversations on Facebook, according to Now News.
The couple had reportedly been together for two months — and the man was preparing to meet his girlfriend’s parents in time for the Lunar New Year.
After reminding the boyfriend of his meeting with her parents, the woman then asked whether he had prepared ang pow (red packets) for them. When he confirmed, she asked how much was inside them.
The man revealed that he put 3,600 TWD ($117) in each packet, or 7,200 TWD in total ($234). But to his surprise, his girlfriend found the amount to be too little.
“This is Chinese New Year, not a wedding dinner! Don’t you think this is too little? I hope you treat me with care. There will be lots of relatives coming over to my house, so you should give my parents some face. This will help us in the future.”
Curious, the man then asked how much was he supposed to put in the packets. She demanded 6,600 TWD ($214) for each, or 13,200 ($428) in total, according to ET Today.
“Each pack has only 3,600 TWD ($117). Do you really think that is enough?” the woman asked.
In the viral screenshots, the man can be seen reasoning it out before saying, “It seems our values in life are too different. If this continues, both of us will not be happy either.”
At that point, the woman gets furious and suggests that they should break up instead.
Many supported the man on social media, believing that his ex-girlfriend was indeed asking too much. Others thought the breakup could have been prevented if she had also planned to give the same amount to his parents.
Netizens commented:
“They’ve only been together for two months and this is how much she already asks. This can only go higher.”
“There’s no need for such packets and she’s asking too much. They’re not even married.”
“You can’t afford this woman. Let her go.”
Featured Image via Flickr / Brian Jeffery Beggerly (CC BY 2.0)
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