Hong Kong Artist Illustrates Relationship With ‘IT Guy’ BF in Beloved Comic Series

Hong Kong Artist Illustrates Relationship With ‘IT Guy’ BF in Beloved Comic SeriesHong Kong Artist Illustrates Relationship With ‘IT Guy’ BF in Beloved Comic Series
Carl Samson
November 16, 2018
An artist in Hong Kong has immortalized precious moments with her boyfriend in a comic series receiving acclaim online.
Bonnie Pang, who started creating comics at age 6, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). She then obtained a master’s degree in illustration from the Academy of Art University (AAU) before becoming a full-time illustrator in 2016.
“​I loved to draw since I was small and I doodled on restaurant napkins, flyers and school workbooks,” Pang says on her official website. “I’ve been drawing as a hobby for many years, until my final year in CUHK I decided to take it to a professional level.”
“My personal experiences and values inspire me to create art and comics. I believe art has the power to bring positive changes to the world.”
As a professional illustrator, Pang has created concept art for animation studios, children’s book illustrations, commercial illustrations and public art projects.
She is currently represented by artist agency Astound, where she illustrates children’s books for international clients.
Pang has created three comics series thus far: (1) “Roar Street Journal,” an animal comic, (2) “MindBound,” a pro-environment fantasy comic, and “IT Guy & Art Girl,” her most recent work cartoonizing her relationship with her boyfriend.
“IT Guy & Art Girl” is an ongoing series with 14 chapters to date. The latest, titled “Sense of Direction,” illustrates their struggle for direction without technology.
Readers are loving “IT Guy & Art Girl” — the series has received tens of thousands of likes on Instagram alone. Bonnie was surprised by the seemingly vast amount of IT-guy-and-art-girl couples out there.
“When I started ‘IT Guy & ART Girl,’ I thought no one would read it because there already had been so many great relationship comics out there,” she told Bored Panda. “I didn’t expect so many people would relate to the series and the fact that there are quite a lot of other IT guy and ART girl couples. Thank you, everyone, for reading!”
“Got these in the mail today-finally! 📚 The ‘Big Book Of Night Time’ is the most detailed book I’ve ever illustrated, it took almost a year to complete. This book is beautifully printed and the text is full of humor, I’d recommend it if you love finding fun details on a busy page. I love the outcome so much! Thank you @usborne_books and @astoundusagency for this wonderful opportunity! 👉Avaliable to order at Usborne.com.”
See the first five chapters of “IT Guy & Art Girl” below:

#1: “IT Guy”

#2: “Art Girl”

#3: “Fan”

#4: “Wide Shoulders”

#5: “Autumn”

Check out the rest of the series here!
Images via Bonnie Pang
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