Asian YouTuber Reveals How ‘Asian Girls’ Can Get a White Boyfriend in Hilarious Video

Asian YouTuber Reveals How ‘Asian Girls’ Can Get a White Boyfriend in Hilarious Video
Ryan General
October 8, 2018
An Asian YouTuber recently uploaded a “quick and easy guide” for Asian women to get
At first glance, the video titled “How to Get a White Boyfriend (for Asian Girls)” appears like a typical dating advice vlog designed for women who actually want to date White men.
Despite its misleading title and thumbnail, however, it is immediately revealed that the clip is a humorous but scathing take on the current interracial dating scene among Asians in western societies.
“So I just finished watching the most amazing movie ever ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before‘ and I felt so empowered as an Asian female to worship White men,” YouTuber Vivian Vuong opened.
In the wake of continuing discussion on “No Dating Asians” policy espoused by some Asian women, Vuong pulls no punches in her delivery.
For the first step, you want to prep yourself and make yourself as appealing as possible for these white men,” Vuong said as she is shown setting aside makeup containers labeled “history“ and “self-respect” and replaced them with “internalized racism.”
“Now what you want to do is just to slather that all over yourself and just get it everywhere,” she spoke as she brushes the (internalized racism) stuff on her skin.
“So now that y’all prepped and ready what you want to do is tell the world that you hate yourself. ‘Oh my god. I’m not into Asian men.’ ‘Sorry, I don’t see Asian guys you’re like my brother.’”  
Vuong also gave her recommendation on the three types of “White princes” to date, featuring this image:
She then went on to advise Asian women to badmouth Asian men to impress their “White prince.”
Pretending to talk to Chloe Wang‘s infamous boyfriend Logan Paul, Vuong enumerated all the stereotypes many Asian women accuse Asian men of:
“Oh, Asian guys are so not my type. You know what I’m saying, Logy? They’re just so unmanly, nerdy, unromantic, misogynistic, patriarchal and they have a small–actually, that’s a myth. Studies show that Asian and non-Asian men have the same penis”
She ended the clip with a message to “White prince-searching”Asian women who may have clicked on her video: “So even though you’re busy sucking white d*** right now, make sure you have time to sh** on Asian men and there you have it.”
Featured Image via YouTube / Vivian Vuong
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