Singaporean Tourist Goes to Bhutan, Marries Her Tour Guide a Year Later in Beautiful Wedding

Singaporean Tourist Goes to Bhutan, Marries Her Tour Guide a Year Later in Beautiful WeddingSingaporean Tourist Goes to Bhutan, Marries Her Tour Guide a Year Later in Beautiful Wedding
Ryan General
December 28, 2018
A Singaporean journalist went on a trip to Bhutan last year to find peace and ended up finding love as well.    
Writing in her blog, Karen Lim recently shared her trip to Bhutan in 2017 and how she ended up marrying her Bhutanese tour guide a year later.
Lim revealed that she had been wanting to travel to Bhutan for over 10 years and already made plans to travel there in 2018. As fate would have it, she decided to go there a year earlier upon feeling “a strong calling” to visit the country.
“I was meant to travel to Bhutan this year instead (2018) with a group of friends from my meditation class, but somehow, there was a strong calling to visit Bhutan in 2017,” Karen shared. “At that time, something was telling me that I had to visit this year, not the next.”
When she emailed the tour agency, she specifically requested for a tour guide who was knowledgeable of Bhutan’s rich history and culture.
The agency obliged and provided a guide who fit her request perfectly. What Lim did not know then was that he would eventually become her future husband.
Lim arrived in Bhutan in August 2017 and immediately felt relaxed with the peaceful Bhutanese way of life.
Her guide, who she calls N, brought the tourist to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, also known as Paro Taktsang, one of Bhutan’s most recognized spots.
According to Lim, she made two secret wishes while visiting two temples at the sacred Buddhist site.

“Perhaps I had unknowingly fallen in love, because the two secret wishes that I made there have all come true,” she noted.
While she returned to Singapore a week later, she kept in touch with her guide. A few months later, he decided to pay her a visit.

“So he came to Singapore for the New Year festivities and it was a trip that was similarly etched into his soul. After that, I managed to get a stint as a volunteer trainer in Feb,” Lim narrated.
The stars aligned for the pair as Lim’s work permit in Bhutan had just been approved when N asked her to marry him.
N and Lim are now living together as husband and wife in Bhutan.
“With the help and blessings of a few kind souls, everything had fallen into place: From applying as a volunteer trainer to getting a work permit to not receiving news from other potential employers, all paths and events had led me to Bhutan. They had all led me to N,” Lim shared.
Featured Images via YouTube / Karen W Lim
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