Filipino Newlyweds Win the Internet By Proving True Love Still Exists

Filipino Newlyweds Win the Internet By Proving True Love Still ExistsFilipino Newlyweds Win the Internet By Proving True Love Still Exists
A set of wedding photos that perfectly portrays unconditional love is now going viral on Philippine internet, melting the hearts of netizens.
Dallaine Mae Tac-an and her husband, Felomino Lumanao, got married in a church in Tigao, Surigao del Sur on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines last month.
Their special, memorable day was brought to the attention of many netizens after photographer and Facebook user, Thania Tiffany, posted the pictures online on March 12, a couple of days after the ceremony.
The ceremony itself was simply beautiful, particularly due to the amazing balance of color combination of red, white, pink and green. However, what makes this one truly special is the couple: Tac-an and Lumanao.
It’s as clear as day that there is a height difference between the two. The bride, Tac-an, has a condition known as dwarfism, which is characterized by short stature that is often a result of either a genetic or medical condition, according to Mayo Clinic.
Their love story is truly an inspiration for a lot of people, as it evokes positive emotions and delivers a message to accept someone for who they are not for what they look like — beauty fades through time, but not good personality.
Many netizens also expressed positive comments to the couple, congratulating them as well as giving their regards to their future as husband and wife.
Funny thing is, we all know love. It’s something we express everyday like “I love video games,” “I love dogs,” or“I love cats,” as perfect examples. But somehow, when it comes to unconditional love, things become a bit hazy, even difficult perhaps, when we try to fully grasp the concept.
But we know how to spot unconditional love, like what Tac-an and Lumanao have. Because this, right here, this is true love.
Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!
Images via Facebook / Thania Tiffany
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