Jealous Man Kills Asian American Woman’s Fiancé So He ‘Could Date Her’

Jealous Man Kills Asian American Woman’s Fiancé So He ‘Could Date Her’Jealous Man Kills Asian American Woman’s Fiancé So He ‘Could Date Her’
After failing to persuade his female co-worker to dump her fiancé so he could date her, Kevin Prasad decided to kill the woman’s significant other instead.
Prasad is now facing a murder charge for the death of 31-year-old Mark Mangaccat, who he allegedly shot multiple times near his fianceé Thandel Seinn in the driveway of his home in Daly City last week. San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office filed the charge on Monday,
According to Mercury News, the suspect and the young couple are all employees at San Francisco International Airport where they met each other in 2014.
On April 25, Mangaccat and Seinn were supposed to pack and get ready for their planned move to Las Vegas when the gruesome crime took place. After Mangaccat picked up Seinn, who had just finished her last day at work, both headed home to pack for their trip. According to the prosecutors, the 31-year-old airport security guard and his accomplice, Donovan Matthew Rivera, 25, tailed the couple from the airport to their home.
Court documents revealed that Rivera allegedly acted as the getaway driver while Prasad was identified as the gunman.
Prasad was wearing a mask when he fired five to six shots at Mangaccat, who was sitting at the driver’s side of his car with Seinn just inches away. She did not sustain any injuries from the shooting.
Seinn initially did not realize who the killer was at the time.

“I’m waiting and I’m sad and crying. Heartbroken,” Seinn told CBS. “So I’m crying and I’m thinking, ‘What happened?’ He has no enemies. I don’t have enemies either.”
When investigators began questioning her, Seinn told them about a man at work who had been attempting to court her for several months. Prasad wanted to go out with Seinn and had been trying to woo her, despite being told she was already in a relationship. The authorities investigated this lead, eventually resulting in the arrest of Prasad and Rivera the following day.
San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said investigators believe that Prasad killed Mangaccat so he could have a romantic relationship with his girlfriend. “If he’s out of the way, I can be the guy who comes in. That’s his thought process,” Wagstaffe was quoted as saying.
Rivera was also charged with murder, as he was aware of Prasad’s “plan to track and kill the victim.” Both suspects have the possibility of being sentenced to the death penalty, as the district attorney’s office added a “lying in wait” special circumstance to the murder charges against them.
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