Chinese Women Reveal What They Want in a Boyfriend in Viral Video

Chinese Women Reveal What They Want in a Boyfriend in Viral VideoChinese Women Reveal What They Want in a Boyfriend in Viral Video
In a bid to dig deeper into the “materialistic” stereotype that some Chinese are accused of when it comes to dating and relationships, YouTube channel Asian Boss took to the streets of Shanghai.
In the YouTube video uploaded on Wednesday, an interviewer from the channel asked passersby about the importance of money in choosing a mate and their thoughts on the perception that some Chinese are becoming more and more materialistic.
When the female interviewer asked the women which is more important between money and personality in choosing a boyfriend, most of the respondents chose personality over money.
“It will be hard for us to get along if he doesn’t have a good personality even if he had a lot of money,” says one.
Another claimed she would be willing to date a “very poor man who has a great personality.”  
However, one of the few who chose money over personality said that for her, “Money is the number one priority when choosing a boyfriend.”
“Money can’t do everything but without it, you can’t do anything,” she further explained.
One respondent pointed out the importance of “ambition and drive” in a potential mate as having those qualities would mean he won’t end up being very poor.
Meanwhile, someone clarified that while money is not that important while dating, she thinks financial stability is an ideal quality when choosing a long-term partner.
Asked how their parents react to a poor boyfriend, almost all of them admitted that their parents might not approve a jobless or poor man.
“I think my parents would definitely look down on him,” one respondent said. “How can a perfectly healthy and able-bodied man not have a job?”
One of them, however, said that her parents would consider his personality more than his lack of wealth, explaining that her family cares more about manners and personality.
The interviewer also asked male respondents on certain expectations Chinese women have on how much a man should earn.
“They think that the income of men should be higher than that of women so men should cover the cost of daily expenses more often,” one man said.
Another man similarly stated that women prefer men to have a higher income to feel “safe and secure,”  and noted that if men had a lower salary, it would be embarrassing for them.
On the idea of being “materialistic,” one found the concept to be normal, noting that “people’s desires can’t be satisfied as society keeps developing.”
Another woman said that desiring money and material things should not be a problem, saying “how can we talk about feelings without the basics?”
The 10-minute clip also tackled the issue of who should be paying for dates and what type of gifts women expect from the men in their lives.
In the video description, Asian Boss wrote a disclaimer that “The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Chinese population.”
Despite the limited number of respondents, however, the video was able to share some interesting insights on a very relevant issue on modern dating in China and other parts of the world as well.
Featured Image via YouTube / Asian Boss
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