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Three Asian YouTubers spent a day in America’s ‘most racist town’

cantomando in racist town

In July 2020, a Los Angeles-based film producer stood outside a Walmart in Harrison, Ark., with a Black Lives Matter sign. Just moments later, he was on the receiving end of hateful remarks ranging from jeers about his actions to explicit declarations of white supremacy.

Rob Bliss, who is white, had wanted to see for himself whether the word about Harrison was true: that it is the “most racist town in America.”

‘I’ve honestly never felt more free’: new video shares how Black Americans feel living in Japan

Black Americans in Japan

“Living while Black in Japan” is a short documentary made by filmmaking couple Keith Bedford and Shiho Fukada about what it’s like for Black Americans living in Japan. 

About the film: The documentary, uploaded to NPR’s YouTube channel, features three women and three men from the Black American community in Japan who shared their views on sensitive topics such as police and racism in the U.S.

BLACKPINK surpasses Justin Bieber, becomes No. 1 most subscribed artist on YouTube

Blackpink and Lalisa album

Iconic K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has surpassed Justin Bieber in YouTube subscribers, becoming the most subscribed musical artist on the platform just as one group member, Lisa, dropped her solo debut album “Lalisa.” 

“Pretty Savage”: On Friday, YouTube announced that the popular girl group, consisting of members Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo and Lisa, are now the platform’s most subscribed artist with 65.5 million subscribers, Billboard reported. 

Scottish Fold superstar Motimaru breaks world record for most views for a cat on YouTube with nearly 620 million views

Motimaru scottish fold cat Guinness World Record YouTube

Motimaru, a Scottish Fold male cat from Japan, is now a Guinness World Record holder for “Most views for a cat on YouTube” after reaching more than half a billion total views on his channel “motimaru’s diary.”

Establishing a record: Motimaru, or known by his millions of viewers as “Moti-sama,” was certified on Aug. 12 when the superstar cat’s channel hit a total of 619,586,260 views, according to Guinness World Records. Since then, the channel’s total views have already grown to 687,878,088.

Japanese man punks the internet by ‘eating’ pet pig named Kalbi after 100-day YouTube series

pet pig gets eaten by owner

The viral Japanese YouTube channel “Eaten Pig after 100 Days” has allegedly reached its climax, causing some netizens to experience an existential crisis.

What happened: The owner first uploaded a video of Kalbi, the cute mini pig star of the YouTube channel, on May 25, when the pig was only 75 days old – the pig was born on Feb. 27, The Standard Hong Kong reported. He religiously uploaded videos of Kalbi regularly to the channel that later developed a strong following online.

Michelle Kwan Says Competing for Team USA as Daughter of Immigrants Was ‘Living the American Dream’

Retired figure skater Michelle Kwan opened up about competing for Team USA in the Olympics as a child of Chinese immigrants.

Unique opportunity: In a recent interview with PEOPLE, the two-time Olympic medalist shared that she considers representing her country as “living the American dream,” noting how it’s a “privilege” to wear the name of her country on her attire.

YouTuber Laoshu505000 Who Spoke Over 20 Languages Passes Away at 39


Moses McCormick, a YouTuber polyglot known as Laoshu505000 who spoke more than 20 languages including Japanese and Mandarin, has passed away at 39.

McCormick, who had 1.1 million subscribers, died on March 4 from a heart complication, according to The Daily Dot. His family has set up a GoFundMe to have the late YouTuber’s remains transported from Phoenix to his hometown in Akron, Ohio.