Watch: 12-year-old Chinese girl teaches college-level math online

Watch: 12-year-old Chinese girl teaches college-level math online
via 小谷数学课 / YouTube
Bryan Ke
29 days ago
A 12-year-old girl has gone viral on Chinese social media for her remarkable grasp of college-level math.
Key points:
  • The girl, surnamed Gu, is a primary school student who posts educational videos to her Douyin and YouTube channels, teaching her viewers how to solve complex math problems, ranging from geometry to calculus.
  • Gu has over 2.9 million followers on Douyin, with some of her videos raking hundreds of thousands of views. Two of her pinned viral videos, posted on her Douyin channel on Dec. 1, 2023, and Jan. 26, have received over 2.8 and 1.48 million views, respectively.

The details:
  • Gu started posting videos in 2022, initially tackling simple elementary math problems. Since then, her videos have evolved to cover more advanced topics, reportedly even leaving some college students unable to understand them.
  • Speaking to Chinese media, Gu’s mother explained that she encouraged her daughter to record herself explaining the math problems to gain a better understanding of the subject herself.
  • This method of learning is called the Feynman Technique, developed by Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. The learning technique has the potential to enhance a person’s learning capabilities by studying their subject of interest and later teaching it to others.
  • Gu plans to eventually compete in the International Mathematical Olympiad, an international math competition for pre-university students considered to be one of the most prestigious math contests in the world.

  • Amazed Douyin users have started calling the 12-year-old “Teacher Gu.”
  • “’It’s not that hard to find,’ even if you gave me ten years, I still wouldn’t be able to find it,” one user joked.
  • “This ‘little sister’ is truly gifted with innate teaching abilities. My mother, who has been teaching for over thirty years, watched your teaching video and fell silent,” another commented.
  • “When I go to bed at night, listening to it, I definitely won’t have insomnia,” another quipped.

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