Watch: Netflix’s first teaser trailer for ‘City Hunter’ live-action adaptation

Watch: Netflix’s first teaser trailer for ‘City Hunter’ live-action adaptation
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Bryan Ke
29 days ago
Streaming platform Netflix has dropped the first teaser trailer for the live-action film adaptation of “City Hunter.”
Key points:
  • Netflix released the teaser trailer on Friday, which features the 1987 anime’s original opening theme “Get Wild” by TM Network.
  • City Hunter,” a feature film set for release on April 25, is based on Japanese manga artist Tsukasa Hojo’s legendary work of the same title. The series ran on Weekly Shonen Jump from February 1985 to December 1991.

The details:
  • “City Hunter” takes place in modern-day Shinjuku, Tokyo, and follows Ryo as a “sweeper” who cleans up trouble in the underworld. His life takes a turn after his dying partner Hideyuki Makimura (Masanobu Ando) entrusts his sister Kaori (Misato Morita) to him, and she later assists Ryo in seeking justice for Hideyuki’s death.
  • Directed by Yuichi Sato and written by “Yu Yu Hakusho” live-action series screenwriter Tatsuhiro Mishima, Netflix unveiled the project in December 2022.
  • Due to its popularity, “City Hunter” has inspired various remakes from different countries, including a film from Hong Kong in 1993 starring Jackie Chan, and another in 2011 starring Korean heartthrob Lee Min-ho in a K-drama adaptation.
People’s reaction:
  • Many YouTube users applauded the production for using the anime’s original opening theme, with one user commenting, “Damn those few first notes of ‘Get Wild’ are bringing back so many memories,” while another fan wrote, “Oh damn… I got goosebumps when that theme song started.”
  • Some fans were hopeful for the film after watching its teaser, with one saying, “I can’t believe how much this looks faithful and working at the same time. Dare I believe in it? Dare I?” Another fan also commented, “Can’t believe Netflix is making a good anime adaptation.”
  • “This and the ‘Fist of the North Star’ remake means us 80’s anime fans will be eating well in 2024,” another fan commented.
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