Korean mukbang star reveals her earnings and how much she pays her employees

Korean mukbang star reveals her earnings and how much she pays her employees
Ryan General
September 20, 2023
Mukbang sensation and entrepreneur Heebab recently divulged her earnings and the generous compensation she gives her employees.
Hefty paychecks for all: HeeBab, Jwa Hee Jae in real life, appeared during the Sept. 17 episode of KBS2’s “Boss in the Mirror,” revealing that her board members receive a monthly salary of approximately 12 million Korean Won (approximately $9,034) before taxes. Even her entry-level employees receive a substantial starting salary exceeding 5 million won (approximately $3,782).  In South Korea, the average median monthly salary is around 3.8 million won (approximately $2,862).
“The board members and I have been together since the early days of the company, so I give them a lot,” she said.

How much she earns: The 27-year-old influencer disclosed that her company’s annual sales exceed 2 billion won (approximately $1.51 million), with product placement as the primary revenue source. She shared that each advertisement fetches a sum akin to the price of a domestic mid-sized car.
Without the ad revenue, her company’s cumulative earnings from 2019 to 2022 totaled 2.4 billion won (approximately $1.81 million). According to Heebab, she earned $9,330 from a single video collaboration with celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok over the course of a year.

Growing online presence: Heebab gained online popularity because of how fast and how much she eats in her videos since she started as a content creator on AfreecaTV and YouTube in 2019. On YouTube, she has so far amassed a subscriber base of 1.53 million. This year, she has set an ambitious goal of cumulative earnings of 3 billion won (approximately $2.26 million).
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