TikToker Lynn Yamada Davis, of ‘Cooking with Lynja’ fame, dies at 67

TikToker Lynn Yamada Davis, of ‘Cooking with Lynja’ fame, dies at 67TikToker Lynn Yamada Davis, of ‘Cooking with Lynja’ fame, dies at 67
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Lynn Yamada Davis, known for her “Cooking with Lynja” videos on TikTok, has passed away at 67.
What happened: Davis died surrounded by loved ones at Riverview Medical Center in New Jersey on New Year’s Day, her son Tim said in a tribute video posted Friday. She had battled esophageal cancer since 2021, two years after she was diagnosed with throat cancer. 
About Davis: The third-generation Japanese American rose to online fame amid the COVID-19 pandemic when she began creating cooking videos with Tim, a freelance videographer at the time. They started out with YouTube and eventually expanded to TikTok and Instagram.
Davis’ unique blend of humor, quirkiness and engaging content helped draw nearly 30 million followers across all platforms. One of her earliest videos to go viral involved a bacon, egg and cheese recipe.
Prior to her internet stardom, Davis had a distinguished career as a software engineer, working at AT&T Labs for 29 years after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earning an MBA and MPH from Columbia University, according to People. Her social media success led to several accolades, including Forbes’ Top 50 Over 50 Creators and two Streamy Awards.
What loved ones are saying: Tim, whom Davis had credited for being the “genius behind ‘Cooking with Lynja,’” said he will remember her as the “internet’s grandma.”
“When I think of my mom, this is who I think of,” he said in his tribute video, holding the most recent photo of his mother. “The internet’s grandma. She was the best. So glad you guys got to experience how wonderful of a person she was and that you guys treated her so well.”
Davis’ eldest daughter, Hannah Mariko Shofet, told the Los Angeles Times that she was a “real poster child of having a family and also pursuing your dreams.” She also lauded her mother’s work as an older Asian American woman.
“When she would go to award shows or was invited to these amazing things, it’s kinda cool that she was this older … Asian American woman that was doing these things in the spotlight,” Shofet told the Times.
What’s next: Per Davis’ request, her social media accounts will remain active. Tim will continue posting pre-edited videos until he gets to the last of them.
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