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Japanese Chain Releasing Ramen-Flavored Shaved Ice for the Summer


Bankara, one of Japan’s most popular ramen chains, has released a unique way to stay cool this summer by combining shaved ice and the country’s beloved noodle soup dish.

Launched on June 15, Bankara’s Shaved Ice Hiyashi Miso Ramen (or Kakigori Hiyashi Miso Ramen in Japanese) is a summer treat that combines noodles and the restaurant’s popular miso broth in the form of shaved ice, according to SoraNews24.

Water on Mars ‘Salty as Miso and Ramen Noodle Soup,’ Says Scientists


A team of Japanese researchers described the water that once existed on Mars 3.5 billion years ago as salty as noodle soup.

By using the data gathered by the U.S. Mars probe Curiosity, the team, which included Kanazawa University associate professor Keisuke Fukushi and Tokyo Institute of Technology professor Yasuhito Sekine, were able to restore the conditions of water on Gale Crater, according to Japan Times.

Notoriously Spicy Korean Ramen Noodles Now Has a Less Spicy Product For You Weaksauces

spicy Korean ramen

The Samyang Hot Chicken Spicy Ramen Noodles are notorious for being so hot that they burn all the way through your esophagus.

With a rating of about 4,404 Scoville Heat Units, its spiciness has become the subject of a viral online challenge in which people try to finish a plateful of the noodles. As shown in the numerous failed challenges on YouTube, it appears very few people can actually pull it off.

Chinese Man Who Fixes Everything With Ramen Noodles Is Basically the Only One Who Can Do It

It appears that all we needed to fix every broken furniture at home is a bit of ramen noodles and some adhesive, according to a series of do-it-yourself (DIY) videos from a creative Chinese artisan.

While the “Fixing Things With Ramen” videos appear to come from a variety of sources, they all have similar formats in which people use the noodles and glue to repair an assortment of items. From a damaged table surface to a busted porcelain sink, there is apparently nothing that a 3-ounce pack of ramen noodles and some adhesive can’t fix.