This Malaysian restaurant puts croissants on ramen and people are losing it

This Malaysian restaurant puts croissants on ramen and people are losing it
via @menya_shishido
Bryan Ke
March 1, 2023
Several Instagram users were left in stitches after the owner of Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do, a ramen spot in Malaysia, announced its newest dish: the “Croissant Ramen Bowl.”
Instagram user and chef Shozo Kamizato (@menya_shishido), whose restaurant is located in the Malaysian city of Petaling Jaya, first posted about the Japanese/French fusion dish on Instagram on Saturday. 
Kamizato’s post features a picture of a croissant placed on top of a bowl of ramen.
Our Mission is to Bring the Authentic Japanese Ramen Experience to each and everyone of you. But For this time Around We are Proud to Introduce a one of Kind Collaboration Bowl … Croissant is Buttery Flaky Bread that matches our Creamy Tonkotsu Miso Soup,” he wrote in the post’s caption.
Our Croissant Ramen Bowl is combination of Black Garlic Curry Soup with two slices of Chasu, topped with Brown Shimenji Mushrooms, Beansprouts, Cabbage, Egg and Croissant,” he added.
On Wednesday, the restaurant owner posted another photo of the dish on Instagram.
“Are You Ready to call a police?” he jokingly wrote in his latest post’s caption.
This is not the first time Ramen Bar Shi Shi Do has released their own unique spin on ramen.
Last month, the Malaysian restaurant sold a limited-edition chocolate ramen on Feb. 1 to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
The establishment has also sold other dishes such as matcha ramen and nasi lemak dry ramen in the past.
Netizens quickly took to Instagram to comment on Kamizato’s Saturday post.
One day you guys will throw a durian into your ramen, I swear,” another user wrote, to which someone else replied, “Shhhh don’t tempt them.”
Didn’t realize April fools coming early this year?” another user jokingly said.
“STOOOP JUST STOPP,” another user exclaimed.
A few commenters didn’t seem to take issue with the Croissant Ramen, with one writing, “We dip toast into curry, bread into french onion soup, yau char kway into bak kut teh. so this should work.”
Interesting combination,” another commenter said. “I love ramen and i love croissant.”
Over the years, restaurants in other cities have also released their own unusual takes on ramen.
Some eyebrow-raising combinations include ramen-flavored shaved ice, “Ramen Pizza” and “Beer Ramen.”

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