Japanese restaurant in Taiwan to serve durian tonkotsu ramen

Japanese restaurant in Taiwan to serve durian tonkotsu ramenJapanese restaurant in Taiwan to serve durian tonkotsu ramen
Facebook/ 山禾堂拉麵 (岡山店)
A Japanese restaurant in Taiwan will be serving a limited-edition durian ramen.
Durian lovers: The Shan He Tang Lamian restaurant in Kaohsiung announced the new dish made for durian lovers in a Facebook post on Tuesday. The owners of the restaurant created the dish due to their own shared love for the fruit. 
They were inspired to experiment after visiting a restaurant in Malaysia that also served durian ramen. After two weeks of developing their own recipe, the durian ramen will be available to customers starting June 22.
Ingredients: The dish, which is served in a durian shell, blends fresh durian puree with the soup base of its ramen, which is made from coconut milk and tonkotsu, a pork bone broth.
In addition to eggs and dried bamboo shoots, the dish also includes water chestnuts, white radish, apples, potatoes, lemongrass and ​​fresh durian pulps.
Limited bowls: According to the restaurant, they will only be serving a total of 20 bowls of durian ramen per day — 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening — due to the dish’s extensive preparation process.
The limited ramen dish is priced between $680 and $780 New Taiwan dollars (approximately $22 to $25).
Original durian ramen: The unique durian dish was first spotted being served at Menya Shi Shi Do in Selangor, Malaysia, in May. Similarly, the dish also comprises of ramen in tonkotsu soup and is also served in a durian shell. The restaurant is known to experiment with unusual ingredients in their ramen, including chili crab, croissant, chocolate and boba.
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