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Anti-Asian hate still a widespread problem in Canada, polls show

CANADA Hate is a Virus RALLY
  • More than half of first and second-generation Chinese Canadians report having been treated with less respect amid COVID-19, while more than a third have been personally threatened, a recent survey found.
  • About half of Chinese Canadians said relations with white Canadians had worsened during the pandemic.
  • Underreporting of anti-Asian hate remains a consistent problem as victims lack a sense of belongingness, according to researchers.

Nearly two years since COVID-19 took over the world, spurring a fresh wave of anti-Asian hate in Western countries, two recent surveys reflect how Canada continues to grapple with racism against the ethnic group.

The first survey, a study from the University of Victoria, polled 874 first- and second-generation Chinese Canadians and found that most of them had experienced discrimination amid the pandemic.

Canada is Chinese citizens’ least favorite country, according to state media survey

  • Canada fell at the bottom of Chinese people’s list of favorite countries, a recent state poll reveals.
  • A majority of Canadians feel the same way about China, according to another survey.
  • The polls reflect ongoing tensions between Ottawa and Beijing, which escalated with the arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in 2018.

Canada, once a hot travel destination among Chinese people, has become China’s least favorite country, according to a recent survey from state-run Global Times.

The poll, conducted by the Global Times Research Center with market survey firm DATA100, gathered 2,148 responses across 16 Chinese cities from Dec. 10-15, 2021.

Infographic: Your favorite ‘Korean’ food may not even be Korean, according to a survey

Korean Food Hansik Survey
  • The Korean Food Promotion Institute (KFPI) conducted a survey asking Koreans whether they considered certain globally popular foods to be Korean or not.
  • The results revealed that among those foods, a majority of respondents did not consider fried chicken to be Korean.
  • The survey follows a previous KFPI survey in which fried chicken was deemed a favorite “Korean” food item among international respondents.

Earlier this week, the Korean Food Promotion Institute (KFPI) released the results of a national survey conducted in the fall, asking Koreans which of the most globally popular “Korean” foods they actually consider to be Korean.

Authenticity survey

Asian American teenagers overwhelmingly believe in racism, white privilege, poll shows

Asian Teens Polled
  • What the study found: Thirty-four percent of Asian teens responded that they had been discriminated against in the past year because of race, compared to 20% of teenagers overall.
  • The study showed that Asian, Black, Hispanic and white teens had greatly different expectations for how race would shape their futures. 
  • Asian teens were generally more pessimistic about racism and privilege compared to their white counterparts.

In a Washington Post-Ipsos poll, more than one-third of Asian American teenagers said they had been treated unfairly because of their race in the past year.

Asian teens and Black teens worried most about how their racial identities would shape their futures, with 41% of Asian teens and 54% of Black teens saying their race might negatively impact them. Among the teenagers polled who reported being discriminated against in the past year due to their race, 60% believed their future outcomes would be worse because of their racial identity. In stark contrast, only 10% of white teens believed that their race would negatively impact them. 

Poll: Nearly half of Republicans oppose teaching the ‘history of racism’ in schools

Critical Race Theory Poll

Eight-four percent of Republicans do not support teaching “critical race theory” in schools, while just 46% oppose teaching the “history of racism,” according to a new Monmouth University poll.

Background: Former President Donald Trump and other Republican senators have publicly expressed disapproval over efforts to include critical race theory in schools’ curriculums over the last year.

New Poll reveals nearly 3/4 older AAPI women are suffering from the impact of racism amid pandemic

AAPI women, pandemic racism

New data from a recent poll reveals that the majority of older Asian American and Pacific Islander women are suffering from the wave of anti-AAPI hate and racism brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poll details: The recent poll, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), asked over 3,500 women about the issues they care most about, as well as what motivated them to vote during the 2020 election.

Americans Are Starting to Like China More, Survey Says

Although Donald Trump anticipates a “very difficult” meeting with Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago this week, 44% of Americans have gained positive views of China, according to a recent survey.

That figure is up from 37% in 2016, but China’s unfavorability has dropped from 55% to 47% over the past year, according to Shanghaiist, citing a Pew Research Center survey that was released on Tuesday.