Poll: Japanese gamers’ top 50 favorite Pokémon from ‘Scarlet and Violet’

Poll: Japanese gamers’ top 50 favorite Pokémon from ‘Scarlet and Violet’Poll: Japanese gamers’ top 50 favorite Pokémon from ‘Scarlet and Violet’
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Bryan Ke
December 28, 2022
Japanese gamers have chosen their favorite 50 Pokémon out of the 400 total who appear in the new “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” games.
The results come from a poll conducted by Japanese gaming website Game With from Dec. 16-23 asking hundreds of thousands of trainers around Japan to name their favorite Pokémon from the new Paldea Region.
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After 177,829 votes, the poll concluded that the pink humanoid Fairy and Steel-type Pokémon Tinkaton was the crowd favorite, followed by Paldean Wooper’s evolution Clodsire, a Poison and Ground-type Pokémon. Coming in third was Meowscarada, the feline Grass & Dark-type final evolution of the starter Pokémon Sprigatito.
Tinkaton received 7,458 votes, while the second- and third-place Pokémon received 5,820 votes and 5,311 votes, respectively.
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Some pocket monsters from previous generations also made the list, including sixth-generation Pokémon Sylveon at No. 7 and Lucario from Gen 4 at No. 9.
Gen 1 monsters Gengar, Charizard and Eevee were also highlighted in the Top 30, along with Eevee’s Gen 2 evolution Umbreon.
See the full list of winners below:

1. Tinkaton
2. Clodsire
3. Meowscarada
4. Fuecoco
5. Ceruledge
6. Tastugiri (Curly Form)
7. Sylveon
8. Slither Wing
9. Lucario
10. Gardevoir & Mimikyu
12. Koraidon
13. Gengar
14. Sprigatito
15. Pawmot
16. Umbreon
17. Maushold
18. Miraidon
19. Pawmi
20. Glaceon
21. Dragapult
22. Garchomp
23. Hydreigon
24. Volcarona
25. Charizard
26. Luxray
27. Iron Valiant
28. Eevee
29. Skeledirge
30. Quagsire
31. Pikachu
32. Quaquaval
33. Ditto
34. Snom
35. Fidough
36. Arcanine
37. Glimmora
38. Flutter Mane
39. Scream Tail
40. Leafeon
41. Azumarill
42. Goomy
43. Altaria
44. Tastugiri (Droopy Form)
45. Ampharos
46. Dragonite
47. Zorua
48. Espeon
49. Zoroark
50. Tyranitar

Released on Nov. 18, “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” introduced plenty of new generation monsters, characters and the open-world Paldea Region. The latest franchise installment also saw the return of gym battles, in which players would have to battle eight gym leaders to get their badges, much like in previous titles.
The franchise recently celebrated an epic milestone in November when anime series protagonist Ash Ketchum finally achieved his dream of becoming “the very best, like no one ever was” and was named the No. 1-ranked trainer after the show’s 25-year run.
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