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Max is a graduate from UCLA with a degree in communications. He spent most of his undergrad in Las Vegas honing his skills at poker and pai gow to pay his tuition and dabbled with a few modafinil online marketing positions. He now writes about his adventures and hopes his entrepreneurial ventures will make him a millionaire by age 30.

North Korean Cheerleaders Get Triggered When Kim Jong Un Impersonator Walks By

A Kim Jong Un impersonator has ruffled some feathers after waving the unified Korean flag in front of the North Korean cheerleaders at the women’s ice hockey match between Japan and a unified Korean team on Wednesday.

Only identified as Chinese-Australian Howard, the man happily waved the flag in front of the cheerleading squad, who seemed to respond cheerfully to the impersonator.

Logan Paul Has Finally Done Something Unforgivable in YouTube’s Eyes

After filming a suicide victim’s dead body, terrorizing Japanese citizens with tasteless pranks, and exhibiting racism towards Asians in the past, Logan Paul has finally done something unforgivable in the eyes of YouTube.

In one of his latest VLogs, Paul films himself fishing Koi fish out of a pond and trying to give it CPR, then tasering two dead rats on his patio. This sparked outrage from PETA, calling for the video to be removed from YouTube.

Chinese-American Trump Supporter Blasted on Twitter After Declining to Try On a Hijab

kathy zhu hijab

On Thursday, Muslim American students at the University of Central Florida held a “Try a Hijab” event to celebrate World Hijab Day on campus. Kathy Zhu, known as “Political Kathy” online for her conservative views and student at UCF, happened to walk by.

One of the students asked Zhu whether she wanted to try on a hijab. She declined and posted her thoughts on Twitter.

‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator Finally Talks About the Problem With Whitewashing in Cartoons

Earlier this week, Indiewire discussed an often overlooked problem in animation: Whitewashing. Certainly the topic has been broached many a time in Hollywood, such as in the cases of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Aloha”, but animation is a different beast.

Whitewashing in film is easy enough to spot — if the character was originally a POC but ultimately was portrayed by a White person, Whitewashing has occurred. And while writers and producers will bend over backwards to change a story that allows for a White actor to maintain that role, such as rewriting their origins or erasing them entirely, it doesn’t change the fact that it happened.