Everyone’s Favorite ‘Terrace House’ Couple Just Broke Up and Love is DEAD

Everyone’s Favorite ‘Terrace House’ Couple Just Broke Up and Love is DEADEveryone’s Favorite ‘Terrace House’ Couple Just Broke Up and Love is DEAD
Max Chang
March 25, 2019
Prepare to cry, because the best couple in the history of “Terrace House” has broken up.
Tsubasa announced the sad news on Instagram.
The post, translated by one of our staff members, reads:
“Announcement. The other day, I broke up with Sean. Thank you all for the incredible amount of support. If you do continue to support me, I’ll be grateful. Thanks for everything.”
Shion and Tsubasa, who were housemates in the latest season: “Terrace House: Opening New Doors,” became fan favorites when both seemingly opposite characters found love with each other. Tsubasa, described by Jezebel as a tomboy, comes from the small city of Karuizawa where she is captain of her hockey team and sadly lost her mother at a very young age. Her father, who runs soba shop “Sasa” named after her and her sister, seems to have a great relationship with her.
Shion is a model from Tokyo and shocked viewers when he pursued Tsubasa, that even Tsubasa herself was skeptical of how he felt about her. However, their chemistry with each other was apparent for viewers even through the screen. In the end, fans got what they wanted when the couple became official and left the show together shortly after. They decided on doing a long-distance relationship where Tsubasa stayed in Karuizawa, because of their hockey team, and Shion in Tokyo, to continue his modeling career.
Tsubasa didn’t give any particular reasons for the breakup, but both former lovebirds have posted pictures together as recently as two weeks ago. Shion has not publicly said anything about the breakup since Tsubasa’s announcement.
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