Chinese Gamer Vasilii Viciously Beats Girlfriend in Horrific Accidental Live Stream

Chinese Gamer Vasilii Viciously Beats Girlfriend in Horrific Accidental Live StreamChinese Gamer Vasilii Viciously Beats Girlfriend in Horrific Accidental Live Stream
Max Chang
October 26, 2017
League of Legends pro-gamer Li “Vasilii” Wei Jun has shocked netizens everywhere after he livestreamed himself violently beating his girlfriend.
The incident began when Vasilii’s girlfriend criticized him for his temper, advising him to remain calm and to not speak out of anger while streaming.
“Why are you still talking now?” his girlfriend can be heard saying. “I’ve told you you better not talk too much.”
“Why?” Vasilii asked, no visible signs of anger on his face.
“You are the main problem, you know? And you keep blaming others, not only in game but also fans in stream room.”
“He kept laughing at me and hurt me hard, mentally,” he said, referring to the other gamer he just lost to.
“You can block him, then. Just ignore/block him next time.” She advised. “He’s also streaming, you looked so dumb, you know?”
It was that comment that sent Vasilii into a frenzy; in a rage, he flipped his desk, upending his computer equipment, including his webcam. Still in working order but now facing away from the couple, the camera audibly captured Vasilii’s stomach-churning domestic abuse.
“F*ck your mom [f*ck you]!” he yelled, followed by unintelligible shouting and more furniture being thrown across the room.
Vasilii continued to scream viciously at his girlfriend, but due to the high volume of his voice, his words could not be accurately picked up by his microphone.
After a brief lull, he began shouting again. “F*ck your mom [f*ck you]!” he yelled, his girlfriend screaming as he started beating her.
“What the f*ck did you mean with those words?!” he demanded angrily.
“What? I was just trying to say something good for you! Have I ever hurt you?” she pleaded. “You get mad in game. I just don’t want others to blame you or say something bad about you. I don’t want to see you get mad…and you beat me for this?” she cried.
But Vasilii was not placated by her tearful response. “I’m gonna beat you to death!” he threatened, screaming “F*ck your mom [f*ck you]!” and “I’m gonna kill you!” repeatedly.
After this, the shouting ends, and an eerie silence came over the room. Moments later, the camera’s position moved; it would seem Vasilii began putting his desk back together after wantonly destroying his setup. After what seems like an eternity, the police arrive — his girlfriend had summoned them to the home — and he is taken into custody after ending the stream.
Netizens were horrified and stunned by what they had just witnessed, and the topic made its way to the top of Weibo almost instantly. An English breakdown of the incident eventually came to both Twitter and Reddit, the latter summarizing the entire situation in great detail.
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After learning about Vasilii’s abuse, his company, Newbee, ended his contract due to his criminal behavior.
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This would not be the first time Vasilii’s explosive behavior has made headlines, as he is known for ragequitting during League matches.
The Reddit community would like to add that there are resources out there for those in abusive relationships, such as identifying abusive behaviors and how to leave a person who is abusive.
Feature Image via Twitter / LMQtcVasili
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